Monday, 8 September 2014

Room Tour!

Welcome back everyone!

As most of you know by now, I've just moved apartment and thankfully I have internet again!  Today's post is one I'm super excited for, a Room Tour!  I've never done one before, so let's just hop right in.

This is my room, open the door.  I'll hear you coming in.

Rug: Bed, Bath & Beyond
This is the view when you walk in (if it's clean, that is).  You can usually find me sitting on the floor against a mound of pillows.

This is my 'sleeping area'.  In a room this size, it's hard to have it function effectively as both a study space and a spot for leisure time.  I've created a nook of sorts where my bed resides.  The closet isn't set into the wall, so it helps to create that space.

The bed frame is an antique.  I painted it with the Cottage Paints, which you will see more of later.  The coverlet is from Bed, Bath, & Beyond.  And my mom made the case that covers my body pillow.  The throw pillow is from Chapters and the stuffed animals are mine from when I was little (can't seem to leave them behind just yet).

A good message to wake up to each morning. This was a gift from my lovely mother <3

Beside my bed is an old bookshelf, which I also painted with the Cottage Paints, but skipped the part where you distress it.  The little Union Jack is my favourite part (and my greatest creative achievement).  I've got a collection of books, notebooks, scrapbooks, and DVDs on here.  On top you'll see my alarm clock, a candle holder, shot glasses (souvenirs from friends), and a figurine I got for my Grade 8 graduation from my friend Erica.  My dance crown is also there, which may seem strange but it marks a lot of accomplishments in my life when I thought I couldn't do something and ended up succeeding.

My windowsill is more of a shrine.  I've got tons of photos and knickknacks here.  They all have some sort of significance to me, which is why I have them out.  My jewellery box is also there, just on the far right.

Then we've got my dresser.  I redid this myself, you can see the full post HERE.  This is also using Cottage paints! (Surprise surprise).  Tucked into the corner is a set of little plastic drawers that I keep makeup brushes in, and on top of it is a canvas bin that hold all my hair products and tools.  It's not a perfect system, but it works (and it's hidden, which is what really matters).  On the right there is a laundry hamper I bought at Walmart for $9 and spent 30 minutes setting up.  There's a reason I'm not in engineering.

Close up of the top of the dresser.  I use this as my makeup area.  I've got the same cat poster from my dorm up above it, with my makeup mirror underneath.  A lot of this stuff and some other things in my room you can see in THIS post.  If you have any questions about this area, feel free to ask in the comments!  Of course, I've got a couple of candles there too, I LOVE candles.

To the right of the door when you're coming in is my desk area.  I've purposely made this space different from the rest of the room.  I find that makes me more motivated to do work because it doesn't feel like I'm sitting in my bedroom.  The desk is an antique, my dad refinished it once-upon-a-time for my mom (apparently it was mustard yellow when she got it).  The chair was given to me by my Great Aunt.

Above the desk is a big calendar for organizing my life, with little study guides and my week-by-week reading underneath.  I've also got my guitar picks sticky-tacked to the wall so I stop losing them!

The left side of my desk is super organized with my course materials all in different files.  I have my massive tea mug nearby, because I am constantly drinking tea.  The little blue thing has sticky notes and other page markers.  ORGANIZATION!

On the right I've got my 'helping hands' from Chapters, a metal organizer with pens/pencils/hiliters from the Dollar store, and my lamp. My old lamp died the day I moved in, so I got this one in the sale from Bed, Bath & Beyond.  As you can tell, my desk is both organized and VERY messy (oops).

Thank you for visiting, I'll see you soon!
xoxo Laura

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