Sunday, 14 September 2014

Back to School Beauty Haul

Hey all!

In coming back to school, I've done a bit of a re-vamp of my makeup collection.  School is a very different atmosphere than work, or being at your parents.  There is a huge social aspect mixed in, and as a result I felt the need to update and grab a few new pieces.

Apparently I'm having a Maybelline moment, because I just realized that's what most of this haul is... 

Maybelline Babylips in 05 Quenched; EOS Balm in Passion fruit
One thing that always happens when I move is a major skin crisis.  That generally means I go through a lot of moisturizer and lip chap.  My two go-tos are the Maybelline Babylips and the EOS balms.  I find the EOS ones to be a little too waxy for daily use, but I slap some on before bed and have super soft lips in the morning.  The Babylips I have adored for a long time, I've mentioned them before so I won't go on about them again.

I also picked up another Maybelline Colour Tattoo, this one in Tough As Taupe.  It's a very nice matte grey-brown shade, perfect for fall. I tend to wear matte eye shadows a lot during this season, and these have amazing pigmentation and don't crease at all.

 I picked up the clear Great Lash for my brows as well.  I hope this can tame them.  My brows are really full and thick, but CRAZY.  If this even helps, I bow down.

My final Maybelline product that I got is the Nudes palette.  For the record, I am loving this.  As someone who lusts after the Naked palette but can't justify the price, this is the perfect alternative.  I wouldn't say it's a dupe, the pigmentation isn't nearly as good, but it's fantastic for beauty on a budget.  There is a great selection of matte and shimmer shades, and the pigmentation is decent for the price.  I paid $7 for this, but it was on sale.  I'm not sure what the regular price is, but I do highly recommend this.  I've been wearing the gold shade on the bottom row nearly every day.

On to a new brand I've discovered in the last month, essence.  This is solely available at Shopper's Drugmart, but if you can find it the prices are unbelievable.  The first thing I picked up is this blush in the shade Autumn Peach.  The pigmentation is phenomenal, and it only cost... drumroll... $3!  I have another shade in this, Cherry, and I can't get over how soft and pigmented these are.  Definitely a must buy.

I also bought the essence highlighter.  This was only $4, and since I don't own a highlighter I figured I'd start with a cheaper option.  This is a cream, and so far I think it's good.  It's not super dramatic, but it does give a nice sheen to the cheekbones.

My final purchase was the Physician's Formula Nude Wear powder.  Normally I find this brand to be kind of expensive, but since it was on sale I decided to grab one.  My skin hasn't been taking well to foundation lately, and I wanted to try a powder with more coverage to give my skin a break.  This promises to "deliver a complexion-boosting lit-from-within glow for a fresh and beautiful bare skin effect".  I guess we'll see! (Also, HOW CUTE IS THE PACKAGING?!?!)

Hope you enjoyed my little haul.  I'll be back soon with more 'back to school' type posts!
xoxo Laura

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