Friday, 8 August 2014

B.E.D.A. Day 8: Comparing 5 Mascaras

Welcome back to B.E.D.A!

Today's post is a comparison of some popular mascaras, many of which I have talked about more than once.  So many of these have been super hyped on the TV and in commercials and ads, and some of these are just good ol' favourites.  So let's get started!

For each photo, the top photo is without mascara, and the bottom is with two coats applied to the top and one to the bottom.

L'Oreal Voluminous Original

This mascara is really good.  I find the wand a little bulky, and it gets on the lower part of my eyelid above the lashes, but that's easily covered with eyeliner.  It can also be a little bit clumpy.  4/5.

L'Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga

This mascara is fantastic at lengthening and giving very long, spidery lashes.  It is never clumpy, and no matter how much you apply your lashes are always separated.  This makes your lashes so long, and opens your eyes to make you look incredibly awake.  It's easy to apply, and in my opinion to flexible brush makes a huge difference in application and results. 5/5

Covergirl Professionall All-In-One

This is a fabulour mascara for every day.  It thickens, lengthens and volumizes.  It's not clumpy, and it's fairly subtle rather than giving a big pop of lashes.  Love it.  The curved brush is much better than the straight brush, I recommend you buy that brush in this formula. 4.5/5.

Rimmel ScandalEyes Retro Glam

This mascara is fantastic at lengthening without looking clumpy.  I love the spidery effect it gives.  It isn't as good at thickening, and it's very difficult for the bottom lashes because of the bulky bubble wand. 4.5/5.

Maybelline Great Lash

I find this mascara mediocre.  The only thing I really like it for is putting mascara in my bottom lashes.  It barely makes any difference.  If you have very blonde lashes and just want to darken them, this may be for you.  But it doesn't thicken, it barely lengthens, and it is a pain to get off.  For the results, I don't like this, even though it's been around for 30 years and has a cult following. 2/5

So there you go, I hope you found this helpful in picking out a new mascara!

Until tomorrow,
xoxo Laura

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