Thursday, 7 August 2014

B.E.D.A. Day 7: My Real Techniques Brushes (Eyes)

Welcome back!

Yesterday I blogged about my real Techniques face brushes.  Today we turn the spotlight to the eye brushes!

As you know, I rate these brushes very highly.  They are the only brushes I consistently buy.  RT brushes are so soft, never shed, very durable, and extremely affordably priced.  They can be difficult to get ahold of in Canada, but I buy mine at Winners.  The RT website also ships worldwide, so you can get them no matter where you live!

So which eye brushes do I have?

The Starter Set
This set comes with 5 brushes, some of which I use more than others.

First is the Base Shadow brush.  I use this for exactly the purpose it says, to apply cream and powder eye shadows.  I use it for all over the lid, under the lower waterline, and in the crease.  With just this brush you can do the whole eye.  This is also good for setting your under-eye concealer with powder, and for doing precision highlighting (i.e. top of cheekbones, under the brows, nose, cupid's bow) and contouring (i.e. sides of nose, under lower lip).  This is nice and fluffy, without being too dense.  It has the perfect density to be all-purpose.

Then there's the Deluxe Crease brush.  This is perfect for applying eye shadow in the crease, but I also use it to set under-eye concealer.  This brush has very dense bristles.

The only brush I have ever had from RT that I'm not a fan of is this one, the Pixel-Point Liner brush.  I won't talk about this too much, because they have replaced this in the set with the Fine Liner brush.  However, this one is just too thick for me to do my liquid liner with any amount of precision.

Moving along, I do really like the Accent brush.  This is great for applying shadows along the upper and lower lash lines, smudging shadows and liners, and applying with precision shadows to the inner corners of the eyes.

Finally, we have the Brow brush.  Since I don't fill in my brows, this doesn't get a ton of use.  When I do use it, I use it for my brows but also to place powder products along my lash line in lieu of eye liner.

Individual Purchases

The only RT eye brush I have ever purchased by itself is the Shader brush.  I like this for applying eye shadows all over the lid, especially cream shadows.  It's also great for getting a more dramatic, cut crease because it makes it so easy to apply the product directly to the area.

And that's it! Much shorter than my face brushes post, but oh well!

I hope you enjoyed this.  If you want to purchase any of these brushes the link is HERE.

See you tomorrow,
xoxo Laura

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