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B.E.D.A. Day 6: My Real Techniques Brushes (Face)

Hello and welcome back to B.E.D.A!

Today's post is about my real Techniques brushes and how I use them.  Today's post is about the face brushes and tomorrow's will be about eye brushes.  This way the post isn't fifteen pages long!

As you know, I rate these brushes very highly.  They are the only brushes I consistently buy.  RT brushes are so soft, never shed, very durable, and extremely affordably priced.  They can be difficult to get ahold of in Canada, but I buy mine at Winners.  The RT website also ships worldwide, so you can get them no matter where you live!

Let's hop right in, shall we?

The Core Collection

The first brush I want to talk about is the Pointed Foundation brush.  This brush is a little small for me to use for my foundation, but I love to use it for my concealer.  It works so nicely under your eyes, and is really good for around your nose as well.

The Detailer brush is really nice for concealing spots and pimples. The RT description of this says you can use it for lipstick as well, something I haven't done but will definitely be trying!

The Buffing brush is one of my favourite brushes and it's also extremely versatile.  I use this to press powder onto my skin to set my foundation, I use it to bronze my skin (but not contour), and I especially love this for applying blush.  It's super dense, which is a huge bonus in my books.

Finally we have the Contour brush.  This is good for setting your under-eye concealer with powder, applying blush and bronzer, and (obviously) contouring your cheeks.  It fits perfectly into the hollows and apples of your cheeks, and isn't too dense nor too fluffy.

Individual Purchases

Next, I NEED to talk about the Miracle Complexion sponge that they do.  This is AMAZING.  I use it wet to apply my foundation, and it honestly makes me look flawless and airbrushed.  This is also great for doing your under-eye concealer and concelaing small spots.  The large area on the sides is for applying foundation, the flat end is for doing areas such as under your eyes, and the pointed end is for blemishes.  This is my miracle product, I swear!  The only thing I don't like is that this stains really easily, mine is pretty bad (thus I took a picture from the website instead of showing mine).

Another brush I love to use for my base is the Expert Face brush.  I use this to buff in my foundation on days when I want heavier coverage.  This is also great for blending in concealers and liquid highlighters, such as the Maybelline LumiTouch.  Again, this is for a heavier coverage look.

I've also got the Stipple brush, which I featured in a favourites post a few months ago.  This helps give amazing coverage as well, I would say a medium amount with my usual foundation.  I also use this brush to blend in bronzers and blushes, because it only applies a little.  That way you don't get too muddy or too pink!

Then there's the Powder brush.  This is so soft, so dense and so HUGE!  I hate little powder brushes because it takes so long to get your whole face done.  This is the perfect size, I adore it!

The Blush brush is another one that I find to be multi-purpose.  Obviously it's meant to be used to apply blush, but if you're in a pinch it can easily be used for powdering too.  I especially like to use this for my contour on days when I just want a slight shadow instead of a dramatic, cut cheek.  It's super big and fluffy, and for anything powder I highly recommend it.

Finally, I own the Retractable Kabuki brush.  I love that these have a lid so they're easy to chuck into your purse.  This one I mostly use for applying blush.  It just gives a really nice effect on the cheekbone, especially with the Physician's Formula Happy Booster blushes.  Again, this can definitely be used to powder your face.  The RT website says it can be used for bronzer and highlighter too, although that isn't something I have used it for (yet).

That's it for my Real Techniques face brushes! If you are interested in purchasing any of these, the link is HERE.  I'll see you tomorrow for my eye brushes!
xoxo Laura

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