Tuesday, 26 August 2014

B.E.D.A. Day 26: Apartment Decor

Hello everyone!

So, as you should know by now I no longer live at home.  I have an apartment at school, and am officially moving into it on September 1st.

Today's post is just to show you some of the bits and pieces I have to decorate my apartment, specifically my room.  The shared areas, such as the living room, will be a combination of the five of us living together, and I can't wait to share the space with my five amazing best friends!

First up is this lamp.  Yes, this screamed my name in the store.  I actually bought it from Walmart, believe it or not.  It was $27, and is really well-made.  The base is glazed ceramic, with stainless steel to support the shade.  I'm in love with it!

Next up is this bed-spread.  I got this at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  My mom and I were originally going to make a quilt, but due to personal reasons, my mom needed the fabric to make the same quilt for a sick friend, so we bought this instead!  I ADORE this, and all things British really.  My plan is to move there and do my Master's Degree there (3 years to go!)

I'm not really a pillow person, but I did buy this one from Chapters.  ADORE! (Believe it or not, my picture was worse than this, thus I borrowed one from the Chapters/Indigo website).

This is probably the one thing I am the most proud of.  This is an old dresser, I've had it since I was tiny.  I took it and, with a little help, painted it in this beautiful, rustic style.  It looks completely new, and I am so proud of myself!  It's nice to take something that I have had forever and make it new again.  See the full post HERE.

I bought this little stand from Winners for $10 and plan to set it on the dresser with my favourite, everyday makeup bits in it (another makeup storage post anyone?). The top two drawers of the dresser will most likely store my makeup, and the top will serve as a vanity of sorts.  I really liked this, I thought it was cute and slightly rustic, like a lot of my other decor.

Wow, I should probably learn how to use my focus...
In order to use the dresser as a vanity, I need a mirror.  This one was $17 from Winners and has a magnifying side as well.  One thing I love is how sturdy this is, it's not going anywhere!  The glass is also really good, another bonus.

Then I bought this alarm clock.  I can't remember how much it was exactly, but I know it was under $10 from Walmart.  It ties into the whole 'theme' I have going, and is also super cute.

The final thing I have for decor is this book stand which I got from Staples for about $13.  This fits into the decor really well, and will save me from uncomfortable backaches when I'm studying.

That's all for now, I'm so excited to have my own, personal space to decorate. I may have gone a little overboard... OH WELL!

xoxo Laura

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