Monday, 25 August 2014

B.E.D.A. Day 25: DIY Dresser

I'm too excited to talk about this to greet you properly!

The last few weeks I have been working on re-painting an old dresser to take with me to my new apartment.  This was my dresser when I was a baby, and my dad's been using it for the last few years, since we moved into our new house.

Here's the step-by-step process of how I got to the amazing final result you see above!

So this is the before picture (with all the drawers removed because I forgot to take one before that, oops!)

This is the paint I used.  It's called Cottage paint, and it's clay-based.  The whole purpose is to create a surface that looks distressed, thus the two-tone use of colour.  I used Anchor Grey as my base and Evening Sky as the colour on top.

First, I had to take off the knobs and then sand the entire thing so that the paint would adhere to the surface.  This wasn't difficult at all, except for the feet which were a bitch to sand and paint throughout the entire process.  The only tricky part was sanding down the cat scratches on the drawers (Angus....)

Next up was priming, and for this I just used a primer from Benjamin Moore.  My mom has used this in various house-hold projects throughout the years and swears by it.  The whole dresser took one coat, which was MAYBE a 5th of the can or less.

Then came the painting!  I started by coating the entire thing in Anchor Grey.  Because this only peeks through, it doesn't need to be perfect.  On the feet, I ended up doing 3 coats and just leaving them, because I liked the effect.

Next was to paint over that with Evening Sky.  This took two coats to completely cover, and I ended up using almost two full pots of the paint which was unexpected.  But in the end I got there!

The fun part was distressing the paint.  What you do is take a damp sponge and rub at the places where a piece of furniture would wear naturally, i.e. the sides, edges, etc.  I rubbed down the edges, corners, and where the knobs go, but left the top surface alone (personal preference).  The longer you let the paint dry, the more effort this takes, but I recommend letting it dry for a day or two and using more elbow grease, there's a lower chance of error this way.

Finally, I had to varnish.  I used a flat effect, because I didn't want the dresser to look shiny, but again this was just my personal preference.  I did two coats everywhere, and a third coat on the top where it will see the most wear.

The final step was to screw in the knobs.  I got these amazing dragonfly knobs from Benjamin Moore, and even though they weren't cheap they complete the dresser.  The other four knobs are from Home Depot, they have a great selection if anyone is interested!

And here is the final product! I could not be more pleased with this, it looks utterly amazing.  It was super easy, and I'm considering doing a couple more pieces of furniture we have to sell them for some spare cash (with my mother's permission!)

Let me know your thoughts in the comments please!
xoxo Laura

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