Sunday, 3 August 2014

B.E.D.A. Day 2: My Current Makeup Storage (Dressing Table Tour)

Hello and welcome back to BEDA!

Today's post is my current makeup storage.  At home, I have an antique dressing table that I use to store my makeup.  I'm not sure how I will store my collection at my apartment, but for now this is what I do and I love the way it looks!

So this is the unit itself.  Pretty self-explanatory really.  I have some stuff stored on top, I'll start with those things.

So on the top left I have a gold drawer/box.  My aunt got some skincare in this, and gave the box to me.  I use it to store my brushes, it's really nice and I love the way it looks.  I also have a glass jar for my cotton pads, and a tin that tea came in.  It's a Union Jack and says, "Keep Calm and Carry On." I actually have two of these, one for cotton buds and one for bandaids.  Finally, I have my perfume on here, because I like to display it.  It's one of my favourite possessions, because of the memories attached to it.

On the top right I have a little jewelry box my dad brought me back when he went to Costa Rica the first time, a bottle of body lotion (this one is REALLY good for very dry skin) and a lamp.  My room is painted a light yellow, but at one point I had a green and pink theme. My mom and I found this lamp at Home Sense,and it's the exact colour of the duvet I used to have.  I also have curtains that match, one is the pink and the other is green.

In the middle I keep my big jewelry box, which my dad brought me back the second time he went to Costa Rica. On top is my tiara from when I used to dance.  It isn't particularly expensive or anything, but it's pretty and it reminds me of something I used to love.  Then I have a small wooden drawer, where I keep hair pins and bands and other assorted stuff.  On top of that are two antique jars, one holding these metal bookmarks I made a few years ago, and then there is a baby pink porcelain musical jewelry box.  This was given to me by my first ever boyfriend, and I still have it!  I use this to keep my Nana's wedding band in when I'm not wearing it, that way I always know where it is.

So this is all of the storage space.  It's actually quite spacious, the drawers are very deep, and the bottom drawer has a ton of space.

In the top left drawer I have hair tools.  My curling iron is in there, my straightener, my foam rollers, my brushes and combs.  All that jazz.  There is also a pillow case in there for some reason... I dunno.
In the top right drawer I store all of my belts.  I rarely wear belts, so I try to keep them out of the way.  That's why I don't store them in my closet, they just took up unnecessary space.  I usually have a secret stash of chocolate in this drawer too.

Now for the best part, the makeup storage drawer.

Let's go from left to right shall we?  On the left, I have hair products (I don't know why my rollers are there).  I have some hairspray, mousse, heat protectant cream, Batiste, all that jazz.  I also have a tin from LUSH, I got this for Christmas and I keep all of my LUSH products in there.  I also have my makeup bags, and let me tell you I have WAY too many.  I store all 14 of them in the two largest bags so I don't look like a maniac.

In the center I have an acrylic makeup organizer.  This keeps everything from being all over the place.  I labeled the picture so you can see what is where.

In front of that I keep some slightly random things that I used daily.  I've got my skin care, fragrances, deodorant, wipes, and more body lotions.  Because I use these products so frequently, I like to keep them close at hand.

And finally, on the right side of the drawer I keep my pallettes, an antique painted tin with my lipsticks, vitamins, bandaids, and a red snakeskin box with my nail polishes in it.

So there you have it, my makeup storage!  I do have more products than this (unfortunately) but those are things like facial cleanser, and unopened bottles of lotion, and I don't keep those in here because it would get too cluttered.  If I don't use it here or haven't opened it, it goes elsewhere.

I hope you enjoyed this, look out for a Jewelry Collection and Storage post coming up soon where I'll talk a little bit more about some of the things you saw in this post.  Have a great day everyone!
xoxo Laura

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