Tuesday, 19 August 2014

B.E.D.A. Day 19: 20 Questions Tag

Hello again!

Today's post is a quick one because I spent the day working on something that will be featured in a post a couple of days from now! (Wow, vague much).

After this, I promise to stop filling B.E.D.A. with tag posts!

20 Questions Tag!

1. Thing you cannot leave the house without?
I cannot leave the house without my iPod.  I bring music everywhere, and if I forget it I feel naked.
2. Favourite brand of make up?
I would probably say Maybelline.  They rarely disappoint, and I have generally gotten along well with their products.
3. Fave flowers?
I'm a total sucker for roses, but I also love Gerber daisies!
4. Favourite clothing stores?
I really like Winners, I tend to find something there no matter what.  You can also find really good deals, for example I bought a Buffalo shirt for only $15.
5. Fave perfume?
Lili Bermuda Pink.  It's very uniquely me, no one else around me has it, which is part of why I love it so much.  It's also a 'souvenir' from a very lovely trip I took, so that's a big factor too.
6. Heels or flats?
Heels.  Always.
7. Do you make good grades?
I try to.
8. Fave colours?
I tend to go for monochromes when I dress, and neutrals in my makeup.  I'm boring.
9. Do you drink energy drinks?
No thank you! Ick!
10. Do you drink juice?
Yup, I love me some juice! (Basically, I'm 5 years old).
11. Do you like swimming?
I do, I was actually a really good swimmer back in the day.
12. Do you eat fries with a fork?
No, that's weird...
13. What’s you’re favourite moisturiser?
I am currently loving the Andalou Naturals Brightening moisturizer.  It's nice and light for summer, but still moisturizing and has a great scent.  It smells like oranges!
14. Do you want to get married later on in life?
I am undecided here.  I don't really want kids, so I feel like getting married is a bit of a waste (personal opinion only!)  If you love each other and are committed, that should be enough without spending thousands of dollars on a one-day ceremony.
15. Do you get mad easily?
Yes, I have a very low tolerance for other people's stupidity (as well as my own).
16. Are you into ghost hunting?
17. Any phobias?
Spiders.  MAJORLY afraid of spiders.
18. Do you bite your nails?
Nope, never got into that habit.
19. Have you ever had a near-death experience?
Not a real one thankfully, although I've had a few scary car experiences.
20. Do you drink coffee?
Yes.  In my opinion coffee should be its own food group.
See you tomorrow! <3
xoxo Laura

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