Saturday, 16 August 2014

B.E.D.A. Day 16: Haul!

As promised yesterday, here is everything from my 'little' shopping trip! Enjoy!

My first purchase of the day was this sweater from Guess.  It is incredibly soft, I can't even tell you.  I love Guess, but I find it quite expensive.  This only set me back $40 thankfully, and I wear sweaters almost constantly from September to May, so this was definitely worth it!

Next, I bought a new bag.  This is a Madden Girl bag (as in, Steve Madden), and I found it at Marshals for $40.  Marshals is basically Winners, I saw a lot of similar/identical items there, so if you like the bag try Winners if you don't have a Marshals nearby!

This bag is made of really nice canvas, floral print on the outside and polka dot on the inside, and has a leather flap and drawstring to keep it shut.  Its big enough to haul textbooks too, so it's going to be great for school.

So there's kind of a funny story to go along with these shoes.  I desperately need new running shoes for the gym at school (the only place I exercise haha).  I found some at another store, but decided to keep looking as they had been the very first pair I had seen.  I ended up buying these ones, which were twice as much.  I got sucked in because the guy helping me was SO HOT and kept flirting with me and apparently I can't say no to cute boys! Anyways, these are your regular Reeboks, I don't know if they're a special type or not.  They're super light and very comfortable, hopefully they make working out a little more fun!

This shirt was definitely my bargain of the day.  I got it at Boathouse from the 60% off section and it only cost me $11!  It's incredibly soft, with pretty lace details.  The best part is, the colour makes me look more tanned than I actually am ;)

Aaaaand finally... my splurge.  I haven't been inside a Hot Topic in probably 5 years, but I just got sucked in to this one and ended up looking for 40 minutes.  I bought these three shirts, but one was free (they had a 3 for 2 deal).  Each shirt if bought individually was $24.  These are my favourite bands, don't judge me.  Also, I found out there's a store near my school... uh oh...

So that's it for my haul! I did buy a couple of other things, but they're for my apartment which I am going to do a separate post on later in the month.  Hope you enjoyed, please leave a comment on how you're liking B.E.D.A. so far!
xoxo Laura


  1. You've got some great buys here! I particularly like the jumper and the backpack :D