Sunday, 10 August 2014

B.E.D.A. Day 10: Hard Candy Walk The Line Neon Color Liquid Eyeliner

Hey all!

So the other day I did a teeeeeensy bit of shopping... oops!  I picked up a Hardy Candy Walk The Line liquid eyeliner from their new Neon collection and as soon as I used it I knew I needed to review it! But I couldn't review just one could I? Nope.  Had to go back and buy the other shades too, just to be fair!

The colours I bought were, in order, 789 Twist of Lime, 788 Electric Slide, and 790 Black Light.  Initially, I had bought Electric Slide and was amazed at how pigmented it was.  The colours in the picture above are very true to how they actually look!

All of these liners have the perfect consistency, not too thick but not too thin either.  They take awhile to dry, but once they do they do. Not. Budge.  At all.  I've worn these to work a few times and even in the hot, greasy environment this liner stays put for a full shift and then some.

I should mention, these don't come off very easily and I've noticed that the blue one especially stains your skin.  But what I usually do is take it off at night, then use an eye makeup remover again in the morning to get rid of the staining.  My Clinique Cleansing Balm also does a fair job at removing these!

The brush on these is nice and fine which makes it much easier to apply.  Fun fact: don't apply with your eye shut, it goes all over the bottom lash line.

I'm really not a liquid liner person, but I am loving these.  For $6 each, they didn't cost too much, and I really do think they are pretty spectacular.  Very pigmented, very easy to apply (with a little practice for you liquid liner newbies like myself!), and great staying power.  Definitely give these a buy if you see them!

xoxo Laura

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