Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Summer Fashion Haul


A new season outside means a new season inside (my closet) and so I have done a bit of shopping here and there to revamp my wardrobe.  I hope you enjoy this!

(Side note: I didn't buy everything in one trip, this has been spread out!)

First up was my black and white floral tie-up shirt.  I'll admit, I didn't actually go on a shopping trip for this, I was just going out after work and had brought a sweater and jeans when the day was 25 degrees!  I was leaving work and popped into Walmart to grab something cheap. This shirt was $12 and it is the comfiest shirt!  It's incredibly soft, very flattering, and fits like a glove.  What I love the most about this is that it follows the "tie-up" shirt trend, but doesn't expose your midriff, which is not something I am comfortable doing.  It just skims the waistband of your pants, and that makes it perfect for me!

I did the majority of my shopping when I went to see my friend Rachel.  We went to the mall and tried on a pile of things, but these are what I came out with.

First up are these shorts.  I am SO excited about these, although I was initially not too sure and Rachel had to convince me to buy them.  They're "leather" but don't look trashy.  Instead, they fit perfectly, and are incredibly flattering.  I love that they're matte, not shiny, and the stitching on the front gives a cool graphic design.  These were on sale at a store called Mendocino for $40.

At H&M I bought this cute dress for $15.  It fits really nicely, and I love the skater-skirt style of dresses. This one has added interest with the crossed straps that go across the back. The blue colour is also gorgeous.  This is going to be great in summer because it's very light.

At Winner's, I bought a few things.  The first is this peach-coloured top with light blue flowers.  This was on sale for $11.  It's slightly cropped, but I bought it because it does come down to skim the waistband of your pants/shorts/skirt.  It is sheer, but not so sheer that you need to wear a bandeau underneath.  I find that a nude bra does the trick.

I also bought this slouchy striped shirt.   Usually I'm really cautious about horizontal stripes, because I am build fairly wide, but this looks really nice.  The embroidery on the shoulders takes it up a notch in style, and the fabric is incredibly soft.  This was $13 am I know I'm going to get so much wear out of this.

Now, when I was with Rachel I saw this top and tried it on, but I didn't buy it because it had a stain and there was a flaw in a seam.  However, I looked at my Winner's back home the next day and they had it!  I love this coral colour, it looks really nice on me, especially if I get a little bit tanned.  Again, it's cropped, but it covers what needs to be covered, and the thick straps keep the top from feeling flimsy.  This is another one that is sheer, but can be pulled off with a nude bra.  I bought this especially to go with my black and white graphic shorts that were in my spring haul, because I really don't have any shirts to go with those shorts.

I have also done some shopping at Joe Fresh recently.  Now, I usually don't buy their stuff but over the winter my mom bought me a nice cardigan from there, and when I was out their summer clothing caught my eye.  There are so many gorgeous colours!

I ended up getting these shorts, which were $19, and two of their basic tanks, which were $6 each.  The shorts are really fun, nice and bright, and the tanks are the exact same coral and navy shade.  All of it is of pretty good quality too, which can sometimes be a challenge when you shop Joe Fresh.  All in all, I'm pretty pleased with my purchases!

Shoutout to my aunt for this amazing skirt.  She made me this, so you can't buy it, but if she ever creates an online shop you will be the first two know!  This is a simple circle skirt made of white eyelet lace, and it has a coral underskirt.  It is absolutely beautiful, I love it!

Instagram (ugh I hate feet)
As for shoes (because every haul has a pair!), I bought these cute sandals from Payless.  I bought them for a job interview, but I know I will get lots of wear out of them this summer.  They're very flat, but I like that they zip up at the back of the ankle so that they have a little bit more support than these types of sandals normally would.

And that's my summer haul!  I can't wait to wear this stuff, hopefully I get a few days off rom work to soak up the sunshine!
xoxo Laura

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