Thursday, 5 June 2014

What's In My Bag? June 2014

Hello everyone!

Today is a little sneak peek into my purse to see what I carry around.  Currently, I use my purse for going to and from work, and for running errands, and those activities are definitely reflected in the contents of my bag!

Everything that's in my bag!
Some boring bits and bobs first.  Obviously I have my red wallet, which holds my ID, Driver's license, and not much else to be honest.  I have a ticket from The Amazing Spiderman 2 in there, I saw it awhile back with my dad and brother.  It was great, I highly recommend going to see it!

Then I've got my deodorant, the Dove Go Fresh cucumber scent.  It's my favourite, and I have it in my bag for when I go to work.  Don't want to smell!

Then I have a notebook and a pen, because I like to write during my breaks at work.  I don't usually post them anywhere, but let me know if you'd like to see a little 'scribbles' series!

Lastly I have my keys.  I just have a house key, the key to my personal safe (which is empty so not really functional, but ya know), my University ID, and my car keys (which my mum has, so aren't currently on there).  I also have a cheeky Menchie's points card on there too!

One thing I ALWAYS have in my bag is a massive amount of lip products.  The other day, I have no less than 7! I took some out, so now I've reduced to four.  I have the Cherry and Mint Baby Lips, and the Coral Dr. Rescue, and then the Bath & Body Works Mentha Lip Tint in Magenta Mint.  These are my current go-to products, and I always need a chapstick of some sort when I'm at work.

I also always carry hand sanitizer around with me.  I'm almost done this one, it's the Bath & Body Works Pocket Bac in the Farmstand Apple scent from the fall.  I hate the alcohol scent most hand sanitizers have, so I love this because it just smells of crisp apples!

This isn't something I usually carry around with me, but I have Advil Extra Strength Liqui-Gels in my bag right now.  With the season change, the pressure changes have been giving me horrendous headaches, so I carry these with me for work and other places where having a headache would be slightly detrimental.

Self-explanatory really.  Bobby pins are always floating around in the bottom of my bag, I usually need then to pin some annoying hair back.  And I'm pretty accident prone, so band-aids are a must.

Then of course I have my phone in it's blue case.  I have the white Samsung Galaxy Ace 2X if anyone is wondering and I love it, I've never had a problem with it.  I have my extremely old iPod touch, which I've had for at least 4 years now and it's still going strong!  I like to plug this into my car when I drive so I'm not fussing with the radio.  And for listening to music on my break or while I'm getting groceries I have my noise-cancelling headphones, which I believe are from a brand called Wicked.  They're okay, they only cost $10.  For the price, they're decent.

Finally comes the bag itself.  This is my favourite bag right now, I love the colour for Spring.  You probably saw it in my Spring Haul post.  It's a lovely turquoise colour, made of soft fake leather, with brass hardware.  It was about $30 from Target and I have never have such a great bag.  It has tons of space, lots of pockets for putting your things, and I honestly cannot rave about it enough.

I hope you liked this glimpse into the things I carry around with me day-to-day.  Leave a comment below with what's in your bag!
xoxo Laura

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  1. I love reading these posts! I always take bath and body works hand gels everywhere! They always smell so good! I wish I could find bobby pins in my bag, I always seem to lose them! haha x