Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Tutorial Tuesday: Vintage Vamp

Hello, and welcome to another Tutorial Tuesday!  Are you liking these so far? I am really enjoying them, so I hope you are too!

Sorry about missing last week, I have been working nearly every day, plus I had a paper due, and all-in-all I was a very busy and stressed out human!  Blogging got pushed to the back of my mind, but I'm back now!

Today's look is one I'm calling "Vintage Vamp".  It's a burgundy-based dark smokey eye with extreme black winged liner.  I would pair this with pale, flawless skin, and a dark red lip, and think it would be great for prom (t'is the season!)

Because this look is so heavy and dramatic, I wanted to prime my lids. I used the Rimmel Exaggerate Undercover Shadow Primer.  I'm testing this out, so I can't give a full review yet.  So far I think it's okay, maybe not as good as my e.l.f. eye primer.

To create the look I am using the e.l.f. Smoky Look Beauty Book.  For my base colour, I used the matte burgundy, which is the day base (and looks purple in this photo, damn camera!), and built up the colour to get it nice and bold.  If you have oily lids, or find that shadows don't stay in place, you could use the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Pomegranate Punk instead, or use it as a base with this shadow layered on top.

Next, I took the matte black, which is the night contour, and placed it on the outer v of my lids.  I then blended the crap out of this, touching up the burgundy and building up the black as needed.  To help blend the black, I used a small amount of the night base, which is a gunmetal shimmer shade.  On the very inner corners of the eye, I placed a small amount of the silver night highlight.

That's the shadows done.  If yours looks as imperfect as mine does is the second photo, use a small amount of concealer to sharpen the edges as seen in the third photo.  You can also use a piece of tape, placed before you apply the shadows, but I find this somewhat uncomfortable and so skipped out on it today!

For liner, I very thinly lined as close to my lashes as possible with the L'Oreal Lineur Intense felt tip liquid liner in Carbon Black.  I used my Annabelle Waterproof  Smoothliner in Black to tightline and on my waterline.

To create the dramatic wing, I went back in with the L'Oreal liner.  This you can change to suit your eye shape and personal taste, but I chose to do it very thick and dramatic for this look.

I then went in with an angled brush, I used the same black eye shadow from earlier to soften the edges of the liquid liner, feathering it out slightly, which you can see best in the top picture.  Finally, go in with a pencil brush and take the burgundy all the way along the bottom lashes right to the inner corner.  Follow up with the black, going about halfway along and then blending it out so it gets softer towards the inner corner.

The final step is the amp up the lashes.  You can use falsies if you wish, but all I did was curl the lashes and then put two coats of the L'Oreal Voluminous Original on the bottom lashes, and three coats on the top.

There you have it, another Tutorial done!  I hope you enjoyed this, leave a comment below with a look you'd like to see me do and I'll try to do it in the coming weeks!

Have a lovely day,
xoxo Laura

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