Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Warm Fuzzies #5

It's time for my next Warm Fuzzies! Sorry it's been so long guys, I've been so busy!

This playlist from BBC Radio 1's YouTube Channel is my new favourite thing to watch when I'm feeling down.  Seriously, it's fantastic!

Much innuendo.  Much hilarity.  All the rolling on the floor.  Thank you BBC Radio 1 for your fantastic existence!

Just watch. It's 19 hours of pure awesomeness.  This one is my personal favourite.

BBC Radio 1 Innuendo Bingo Playlist

This is actually going to be my last Warm Fuzzies post everyone.  I really enjoy them, but they aren't going down as well as other posts and since May is a new month I have a new series coming, one that is maybe a little bit more appropriate for a beauty blog!

Regardless, I hope you enjoy this last post and keep an eye out for what may has to offer ;)
xoxo Laura

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