Sunday, 27 April 2014

Time Flies

My first year of university is coming to a close and I find myself looking back and wondering how I came to be at such an amazing place in my life.  This is my first year in review.

Move in Day
I came from a small town with small-town attitudes.  High School was my own personal form of hell.  I made a completely fresh start here, not knowing anyone, trying to find my own way.  And I think I mostly succeeded.
Reading Week
I met so many amazing friends over the last 8 months, friends who I will stay in touch with for years to come.   I have only ever had a couple friends who I was ever this close with; it's amazing feeling knowing that there is always someone there to listen to you when you're mad or rub your back when you need to cry, or buy you a coffee when you're staking out territory in the library.

Relaxing nights after busy days <3
I had some incredibly hard moments this year, but there were always people around to help me.  Through break-ups, failings, a funeral, and drama, I always felt so loved and supported by someone.  Nights where friends sat on my bed and just talked me through things made such a huge difference, and I hope those people know how much I appreciate them.  I feel weird mentioning names, but hopefully if they read this they know who they are.

Hawk Weekend
Both inside and outside of classes I learned a lot.  More than I ever would have learned if I had stayed at home and never flown the nest.

I learned that sleep is not as necessary as you think until you pull your first all-nighter; then you value it a lot more.

Study grind
I learned the redeeming qualities of coffee and concealer in the morning.

I learned the delicate balancing act of how much I can carry before the load is too much to bear.

I learned the importance of letting people in when all you want to do is shut everyone out.

I learned that heartbreak exists in many different forms, but being a shoulder to cry on is the first start of helping to heal others.

Every girl needs a best friend to beat up mean boys <3
I learned that what you think you want to major in is not necessarily what you actually want to major in.

I learned that sometimes, people are just mean and don't actually have a problem with you.

I learned when you speak up and when to just keep quiet.

Roomies on O-Week <3
I learned that profs and TAs are your best friends, and asking for help is a sign of strength not weakness.

I learned to accept the grades I got, or work harder if I couldn't accept them.

I learned that just because there is money in your bank account does NOT mean you should say yes every time you get asked to go out to dinner with your friends.  Groceries are valuable things.

I learned that if you don't feel like it, you don't have to go out.  Sometimes pjs are better than a party (always).
Sometimes all you need is whiskers
I learned to always bring an extra pen to lecture.

I learned the value of thanking someone who has positively impacted your life.

I learned to take photos of the moments you want to remember, but that they don't necessarily have to be put on social media.

I learned to step out of my comfort zone.

The girls of Floor 1
I learned that you can create a second family when you are away from home, and that these people are just as valuable as a parent, sibling, or pet.

I learned to wear a coat, even when the walk is only a few seconds in the cold.

I learned the importance of vegetables, brushing your teeth, and cleaning your room (as much as my mom always tried to tell me when I lived at home).

Pancake St. Paddy's Team!
I learned to listen to my heart.

I learned to ignore my heart when it was being stupid and listen to my head instead.

I learned to compromise.

I learned to be gentle.

I learned to love.

To my first year Laurier family: I love you all more than words can express, and I hope that in the future, even if we aren't in contact still, you can look back on this year and remember each other with fondness and nostalgia. <3

xoxo Laura


  1. This post is beyond accurate. First year university teaches you so much about yourself and life in general. I learn more and more every day about the person I want to be and the people I want to be around.

  2. Hi Laura!
    I just wanted to let you know, I nominated you for the Liebster Award!
    Further instructions you will find on my blog! Enjoy ;)

    1. Woo thank you! I'll do that ASAP :)