Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Spring Nail Polishes

Hello everybody!

Spring is in the air, I wore my first dress since September the other day, and so it's time to start blogging about all things Spring!  I've already done three HUGE haul posts, so my next one is going to be on nail polish colours for spring, and more makeup and outfit posts will hopefully soon follow!

So to start, I have picked out five different polishes, one for each nail.  Spring to me is a time to wear lots of pretty pastels and bring out the lighter colours after the dark winter months.

1) Sally Hansen Hard as Nail Xtreme Wear in 340 Mint Sorbet
I think I talked about this in some of my earliest blog posts, so kudos to you if you remember that! This is a lovely mint shade, and it is a very Spring/Easter colour.  If you like mint shades, I highly recommend this, especially since it's about $2.50 per bottle($2 if you get it on sale like I usually do!)  I have a dozen shades of polish from this line because the value for money is great.  It lasts a decent amount of time too, about 3 or 4 days, and that's as long as I ever wear a nail colour anyway.

2) Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Nail Color in Speedy Sunburst
A vibrant pink is always a winner, but in Spring especially. This is a great colour to jump into nice weather with, and while I'm not usually a fan of bright reds and pinks I LOVE this!  I really like this entire line of polishes actually.  It has a huge brush, goes on really smooth, and usually only takes one coat of polish.  It does need a top coat though or it will look a little bit flat.  These polishes are usually on sale at Walmart for 2 for $7.

3) Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in 300 White On
Surprise, another polish from this line!  This one is just a plain, bright, true white.  No colour is any cleaner or fresher for spring than white, and it goes with everything.  Added bonus: White makes your hands look nice and tanned, even after a winter of no sun and staying indoors!

4) Essie Nail Lacquer in Bikini So Teeny
Stunning.  No other word.  This is an amazing periwinkle colour but it has a very subtle silver shimmer in it that makes it so much prettier.  I can't recommend this shade enough.  Essie is a little pricier, ranging from $8 to even $13 in some places, but it does last a long time and dries fairly quickly.  You can find dupes for some of the colours in other lines, but I know for sure that I have never seen anything from any brand that comes close to this colour, and I definitely think it's worth the money.

 5) Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer in 150 Born With It
I think this is a great Spring colour.  A light pink is always flattering, and it reminds me of the little Spring flowers that start to sprout.  Pale pink is a very Easter colour too!  This polish is really nice, but one thing I do have to say is it takes quite a few coats to get it opaque enough for my taste.  In the picture I have done 3 coats, which is a little bit too much faffing around for my liking.  It also takes a long time to dry, so don't use this polish if you have places to go or things to do.  I can't remember exactly how much this was, but I know it was under $10.

Well, I hope you enjoyed! Spring is coming!!!! As you can tell, I'm very excited.

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Have a great day everyone, I love you all!
xoxo Laura

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