Sunday, 13 April 2014

A Different Take: Laura D Haul Takeover

Something new today everyone!

I decided to bring my friend, also named Laura, onto my blog.  Her and I, although we are best friends, have very different styles and tastes when it comes to things like clothing.  I thought it would be nice to do a Spring Haul post of the things she bought when we went shopping last week in order to give a more rounded idea to all of you readers of what Spring fashion has to offer.

Please comment below or on my Facebook page to tell me if you like this idea so I can do more in the future if you do enjoy it!

Now, let's hop in!

As I said, the two of us really differ in the clothes we wear.  She can pull off bold, geometric prints, and some really cool patterns, which I cannot.  You are also going to see a running theme of elephants.  What Laura wears/what looks good on her is very different from the things I can pull off!

Shirt: Sirens
Shorts: Sirens
This outfit is very Laura with the high-waisted shorts and the crop top.  As you can see, there is a geometric elephant on the shirt, and it encapsulates her personality perfectly with the phrase, "Do All Things With Love".  The shirt practically screams her name!

Playsuit: Bluenotes
Ring: Claire's
Next up is this playsuit from Bluenotes.  I did tell you there would be an elephant theme! This is super cute and very flattering on Laura's body and skin-tone.

Belt: Bluenotes
This belt is also from Bluenotes.  The geometric print makes it different from your average brown leather belt, and the silver detailing really adds to it.

Jumpsuit: Sirens
Laura is literally the only person I know who can pull off any playsuit/jumpsuit she tries on.  This one looks particularly amazing.  Again, she loves and looks amazing in the geometric print, but this playsuit keeps things simple with the black and white tones.

Shorts: Sirens
These shorts are really nice.  They are high-waisted with an elasticated waistband and a little drawstring.  They're really flowy and the colours are great.  With a plain shirt, these shorts are amazing for the warmer weather that should be coming any day now!

Pants: West 49
These pants I am genuinely jealous of, but I couldn't pull them off.  The print is amazing and they lengthen Laura's legs but don't distort her figure.  They were really inexpensive too, less than $20 for sure (sorry, we threw out our receipts by accident!)

Jacket: Bootlegger
This jacket was the final purchase of the day.  It's a nice Spring jacket from Bootlegger made of a heavy almost canvas material in an olive green colour.  This looks amazing with Laura's skin-tone, and fits her like a glove.  It was expensive, but for a coat that will last it was not as bad as it could have been.

That's all for Laura D's haul post! I really hope you liked this, I thought I would branch out from what just I like to hopefully appeal a little bit more to you reading this.  If you liked it, let me know in the comments!
xoxo The Lauras

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