Monday, 31 March 2014

March Favourites

Hello everyone!

It's been ages since I did a favourites post, I feel like I don't try enough new things to bother most of the time.  However, March was filled with products that I just adored and I really want to share them with all of you!

First up is what I'm calling my magic trio.  It's the Real Techniques Stipple Brush, the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation, and the Covergirl Fresh Complexion Concealer. WOW! I bought the brush a few weeks ago from Winners and was not disappointed (I never am when it comes to Real Techniques!)  The brush gives me a flawless skin look without too much product, and I love that.  I hate having too much foundation on my face.  This also blends it really well!  

Applying the Rimmel foundation with this brush has given me a noticeably nicer finish, and I've had dozens of compliments on my makeup since I started using this combination.  The Covergirl concealer is the perfect finish, it covers my dark circles and blemishes really well but there's something more than that.  I looked into the mirror after using it for the first time and could really see a difference, it was a huge "WOW!" moment for me.  My skin just looked absolutely flawless, and I know I won't be changing my foundation routine for a very long time!

Another product I've been loving has been a bit of a rediscovery for me.  I have had an eyelash curler for ages, I have no idea when or why I bought it, but I do know I rarely, if ever, used it.  Recently, I've been actually curling my lashes before putting on mascara and I've noticed a huge difference.  My eyes look brighter and wider, and I will never not curl my lashes again!

This brings me to my next product, which is the Covergirl Professional All-In-One mascara.  This does an amazing job of volumizing and lengthening, and I have used nothing else all month (including my Lancome Hypnose!)  One warning, I don't use the waterproof formula and this can get REALLY smudgy.  Normally this isn't a problem for me, but if you have a problem with regular mascara transferring or smudging, I suggest you try the waterproof formula.

As you can see, I have used quite a bit of this in March!
Another new discovery this month is the I Love... products.  I have the Raspberry & Blackberry body lotion and shower gel, I got them for Christmas.  Originally, I smelled them and was convinced I would never use them.  When I used up my last bottle of body lotion, I looked at my stash to see what I had and gave this one a sniff.  I instantly fell in love.  It's obviously a very sweet scent, but I find it doesn't small fake.  I believe my original comment when I starting using it was, "I smell like pie!"  The lotion is very moisturizing and not greasy at all, and the shower gel has a scent that actually lingers even after you've washed it off and it gives an amazing lather.  I am highly impressed!  I think these can be bought at Shopper's Drugmart, so I need to go find out before I run out!

I do want to give a quick shoutout to my Joe Fresh Sheer Lip Tint in the shade Berry.  This was probably my favourite product from my March Bought It, Forgot It.  It's just really creamy with great pigmentation.  I can't believe I neglected it so much! I won't say too much here as there will be more information in that post, which is being published on the 1st of April.

This final item isn't even close to a beauty product, but I like including a food favourite so I thought I'd mention it anyway.  I have really been loving the Bolthouse Smoothies lately.  My friends all enjoy them too.  They're really good for you, and you can buy them to focus on boosting protein intake, fiber intake, vitamin C intake, you name it!  They're so delicious, and although they can be expensive, I just keep an eye out for when they go on sale (2 for $6 is the best deal I've gotten).  Try them, you won't be disappointed!

That's all for my March favourites, go try them out, you won't be disappointed!

Have a great day everyone,
xoxo Laura

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  1. Bolthouse makes a mango lemonade. OMG. It is SO good.