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March B.I.F.I. Products Review & New Products for April!

Hello everyone! Happy Spring!

I have been thoroughly impressed with the products I chose this month, and am going to just hop right into my reviews!

1) Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Pomegranate Punk

I spent every second I used this kicking myself for neglecting it!  The formulation is fantastic, it's super creamy and doesn't budge once it's on the lid.  The colour is amazing, and goes really nicely with my eye colour (which fluctuates between hazel and dark brown depending on the day), and it blends so well.  I also really like the packaging, especially for what you pay.  There's something about glass packaging that makes a product feel expensive even when it's not!  The only negative thing I have to say about this is that I'm fairly sure it either died my skin or irritated  it a little bit, because I did find at the end of the day the skin on my eyelids was quite red (but not itchy or irritated, so I figure the colour just died it).

2) Joe Fresh Modern Smokey Eye Quad

I wasn't as enamoured with this as I was with the other products, but I still was fairly impressed.  The pigmentation isn't great in these, and I find them a little chalky, but I don't have these colours in my collection and for that reason I found them very useful.  I do suggest if you have these that you use a good eyelid primer (such as the e.l.f. one) so that they don't crease.  For the most part this month I used the matte taupe shade across the lid with the darker colour in the crease.  I also used the dark navy (which is nearly black) to darken the crease with the Colour Tattoo I mentioned above, because it isn't as harsh as black but doesn't look blue when blended (nor does it turn purple, I promise!)

3) GOSH Eyeliner in Golden Moss

I will apologize right now, but I'm almost certain this exact shade isn't available in stores anymore.  But the GOSH eyeliners are all fantastic in texture and pigmentation, very bold and very creamy, so I do highly recommend them!  This colour didn't get a ton of use, but I know I won't neglect it like I did before.  I prefer to use this with either a very nude eyshadow or none at all, and then lined on the top and bottom lashes.  The colour makes it stand out very nicely without needing anything else.  Add big lashes and you've got a great look for every day.  Like I said, the formulation is amazing, so if you're going to splurge on a liner I do suggest this one!

4) Joe Fresh Sheer Lip Crayon in Berry

As I write this post, I am actually wearing this shade.  I adore this, the formulation is incredibly creamy and surprisingly pigmented for something that calls itself sheer.  I love that this settles into a nice stain, so no transferring, but without feathering around your lips.  It's also very easy to control how much colour you want, for the everyday I only use a little but when I want a more dramatic lip I build up the colour.  And this is very true to it's name, it's a gorgeous berry shade (is it weird that it reminds me of raspberries?!)  Another product I highly recommend you purchase!

New Products for April

First up is the much neglected Quo Treasure Box.  I've had this for probably 2 years at this point.  This month, I would really like to use the eyeshadows; some of them are so pretty and I know with Spring on the way I'll be wanting to wear more colour on my lids instead of just constantly wearing neutrals.

Also from Quo is this Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil.  This is a really nice silver colour, very creamy in texture.  I think this will look nice with a black winged liner. Not much else to say about this, I hope it's as nice as it looks swatched!

I seem to have chosen a lot of eye products this month.  The third product I'm going to try to use more in April is this Annabelle smudgeliner.  This is a nice purple, I think it's called Amethyst, and it's a nice smooth, creamy texture.  I love my regular Annabelle liner, I use it all the time, so hopefully this lives up to expectations.

I also would like to use this Rimmel by Kate Moss lipstick in 08.  First off, I want to say it bothers me that they don't have actualy names, just numbers.  But this lipstick is a fantastic pinky-nude colour that will go well with bolder eye looks, and I need to use it more often!  It seems nice and creamy, so we'll have to see what the lasting power is like.

My final product isn't a beauty product, which is why I have five products this month instead of four.  It's the EOS hand lotion in the cucumber scent.  I've had this for awhile and it sits in a tin that I keep my lotion and bits in and never gets used.  I've had incredibly dry hands this month, so I've relocated this to my purse and hopefully I'll remember to use it!  The scent is really nice, so I'm looking forward to using this a little but more and seeing if it's any good.

That's my Bought It, Forgot It for April.  I can't wait to get some more use out of these products!

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xoxo Laura

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