Monday, 24 March 2014

HUGE Spring Haul Part 3: Beauty and Cosmetics

Welcome back for Part 3 of my Spring Haul posts! It is finally time to show you all the beauty bits and bobs I have picked up in honour of the new season!

In case you missed it, here are the previous two posts:

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At the Rideau Center in Ottawa I bought two eyeshadows from MAC when I was there on Reading Week.  I picked up Mythology, the pink-toned shade, and Tempting, which is more of a gold shade.  Both are Lustre finishes.  I really like using Mythology all over the lid for day-to-day, but Tempting is great for a bolder, more night-time look.

I also bought the Rimmel Scandal Eyes waterproof liner in 005 nude.  I have had Tanya Burr and Chelsey and about a dozen other makeup people on the internet RAVE about this, and I thought I would give it a go.  I actually used this after a late night and it made me look a lot more alive.  So far I am really liking this, I can't wait to play a little bit more with it!

After I got paid, I went a little bit crazy in the cosmetics aisle.  I bought this Maybelline Fit Me concealer because I've been dying to try it.  I also bought a Covergirl concealer, because I have been searching for the perfect concealer for a long time and everything I found hasn't quite wow-ed me yet. So far I really like both.  The Fit Me concealer is more yellow-toned so I use it after sleepless nights.  The Covergirl concealer so far might be my favourite concealer ever, I really like it.  It covers, conceals and brightens, the perfect combination.

I also bought a new foundation.  This is the Covergirl Clean foundation for normal skin, and I have never tried it. Hopefully it's good, I do find Covergirl products to be a little hit-or-miss but for the price ($7) I thought I would give it a go.  I have used it a couple of times, probably not enough to give a good, in-depth recommendation, but I will warn anyone thinking of buying this that it smells really strange, kind of like pine.

I also bought two new lip colours for Spring.  The first is one of the new Revlon Lacquer Balms in the shade 120 Vivacious.  These are like big crayons but are super smooth and creamy.  I can't wait to start using this one! I love a bold lip, especially in Spring.

The second is another one of my favourite lip sticks, it's from the Maybelline ColourSensationals line.  This one is in the shade 870 Shocking Coral.  I had a lipstick in a similar colour last summer but the formulation was so bad I never wore it.  I know this one will get a lot more use, the formulation of this line is absolutely amazing and the pigmentation is fantastic.

I did buy one new nail polish, another one of the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear nail colours.  This one is in the shade 481 Breezy Blue, which is a super cute iridescent pastel blue.  I love the colour but I really love the price.  It was only $2 and well worth it.  I think I have a dozen shades from this line now!  This colour takes a few coats to be opaque, but it dries quickly which kind of outweighs that in my eyes.

When I was in Winners, I found a Real Techniques stipple brush for only $9 and obviously I bought it! I've been looking for a new stipple brush, mine is shedding a stupid amount, and to find this one was an exciting moment for me!  I have used this almost every day since I bought it, and will never use another stippling brush for as long as I live! It's freaking amazing!

I hit up a Beauty Supply Outlet for the first time ever as well, and while I wasn't awed I did pick up a couple bits.  I bought this teasing brush for $7, and I'm looking forward to using it.  I bought a teasing comb a few months back, maybe November, and I don't find it does anything.  Zoella over on YouTube has a brush that is extremely similar to this, and she has raved about it, so I thought I would give it a go.  And of course as I'm paying they tell me that their hair treatment masks are on sale for 99 cents, and the cashier raved about them, so I picked up one of those too.  Oops!

May have opened and used one of the masks... oops!
Along the same line, the very last thing I purchased were these 3 Balea masks from Shopper's Drugmart (and might have used one... oops!).  Usually I find Shopper's to be expensive, but these were 3 for $5.  I got two face masks and a hair mask and I will say that there is enough in the face masks for two treatments, so these would be great for a girlie night with your best friend.  I've used these before and I love them, so I thought they would be great for bringing back a little life to my skin and hair after the winter.

Aaaaaand that's it! That's the end of my Spring Haul series! I really hope you enjoyed this, let me know in the comments anything you might like to try out! 

Have a great day everyone!
xoxo Laura

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  1. I want one of those teasing brushes too. My hair is so thick, I get no volume on the top. I'll have to visit the Beauty Supply.