Sunday, 23 March 2014

HUGE Spring Haul Part 2: Accessories

Welcome back everyone!  If you missed Part 1 of this Haul series, click the link here!

Time for Part 2 of my Spring Haul, which is all about the accessories I bought! I bought less accessories than I originally thought, so this post will be a little shorter than the other two, but I really hope you still enjoy it!


To start off with, I went crazy in Payless and bought three (3!!!) new pairs of shoes.  Oops.

First up are these grey flats with sparkled bows on the toes.  They are American Eagle brand and were only $9.  I love American Eagle flats, and even though flats don't last very long, for $9 I felt like I couldn't go wrong!

The other pair of shoes I got were these navy Ked-like shoes from City Sneaks with white polka dots on them.  I got these to wear with jeans, shorts, and sun dresses.  They were $22 on sale from $25 and I know they'll last a decent amount of time and be really comfortable.

The final pair of shoes I bought were these Black heels.  They are a matte black "leather" with a thick heel and cutouts, and a cute gold buckle.  These were more expensive, they were $40 reduced from $50, but I've had heels from Payless before and not only are they extremely comfortable they also last a really long amount of time.  The brand name is Fioni.  I've worn their shoes before, and I find them to be pretty good quality.  I wore these shoes out the other night and did find that they were very comfortable to walk in.

I made a surprising purchase at Target, this amazing mint bag for $30.  It's a cross body bag, but I'll keep the strap shorter and put it over one shoulder.  It's got tons of space inside, but I really bought it for the colour.  I wear a lot of black, white, and grey, so a pop of colour is usually necessary.  This is going to turn into my favourite bag, I can already tell!

My final accessory purchase is, again, something that is very my style.  Laura and I were vintage hunting and this amazing umbrella was for sale in one of the stores.  It obviously isn't vintage, but it is an amazing umbrella.  It was $25 which is a little pricey, but it's very well-made, and even has leather on the grip.  I've used it, I love it, it was calling my name.  No regrets in purchasing this.

That's the end of my accessories purchases, tune in tomorrow for Part 3: Beauty and Cosmetics.  In the meantime go like my page on Facebook!
xoxo Laura

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  1. You should give me the sneakers and the umbrella ;) LOL