Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Reading Week 2014

Hello lovelies!

So for my reading week, I went on an adventure with my four best friends to Ottawa! It was such a blast and I wanted to share everything with you all!

The bus ride there was a disaster and a half, everything was delayed and we didn't get in until 4 am, but Rachel, Brit and I met a really nice guy on the train (who asked Rach out a week later LOL) and went to a really cute Starbucks during our layover in Toronto.  We finally got there though, and were reunited with Laura and Sam.  We were staying at Laura's house for the duration of our trip.

The old mill on Manotick.

We slept in really late the next day, and Laura's mom made us pancakes for breakfast! We went into a couple little towns called Manotick and Barrhaven, and did some shopping.

Left to right: Rach, Brit, Sam, Christina (Laura's awesome younger sister)

The socks make this.
We spent some time with animals in a pet store, and I bought a really cute dress at Winners.  We did a mini fashion show and probably annoyed everyone else but it was so much fun!

That night Laura went out with her boyfriend, and after teaching her how to walk in heels, the four of us and her younger sister (who is really cool, we love her!) spent the night watching movies.  High School Musical anyone?!

30 pound cat.  His name is Snapper and he likes to chew on appendages.
On Sunday, we went with Laura and her boyfriend, Jeremy, to Jeremy's church service, and then went to the Rideau Centre in the afternoon.  I visited a MAC and bought two new eye shadows, Mythology and Tempting, and went to a super cute LUSH and got 2 samples, one of Ocean Salt face and body scrub and one of Dark Angels facial cleanser.  This picture is from that morning, Laura's cat decided to come crush my internal organs!
Looking fancy!

Oh hai Christina!

Classy ladies at the casino.
At the club!
That night, we hit the town! Laura's dad drove us to Quebec and we went to the casino and a club.  I have never been to either but it was such a blast! We bought martinis at the casino, and a couple drinks at the club, and danced and had so much fun! We all looked so pretty, I made an O.O.T.D. post here if you want to see more pictures of our outfits!

Late night = tired morning
Brit's breakfast!
Monday morning we went out for breakfast at a place called Broadways and it was so delicious!  We spent the rest of the day just hanging out because Laura didn't feel well, and watched tons of movies (and ate tons of junk food!)

Fish and chips! 
Tuesday was the last day for Rachel and I but it was packed full of adventure! In the morning we went to lunch with Laura's boyfriend, Jeremy.  He's such a nice guy, totally perfect for her! (I ship it.  Hard.)

Great shot by Brit as we left the museum <3
After lunch we spent almost 3 hours at the War Museum in downtown Ottawa, which was the one thing I was dying to do! I've never been there, and as a history major who wants to specialize in 20th century history, it was kind of a shock that I had never been!

Cold and cute <3
Learning to skate on hockey skates.
After the museum, we spent a couple hours on the canal skating.  That was another thing I was dying to do and it was as much fun as I hoped! I learned to use hockey skates and Sam and I skated and sang while the others got beaver tails to munch on.  Some guy came up to me and used THE worst pickup line I have ever heard: "You have something on your face.  Beauty." But Sam and I got a great laugh out of it!

Wednesday was the end of the adventure.  It was so much fun and I was sad to leave, but it was also nice to see my family (and cat).  The bus rid felt so much longer coming home, although this time there were no delays!

That's my adventures, I hope you enjoyed! I have so many other photos I wish I could put up, but I had to cut down, I crashed Blogger twices writing this! Hopefully this post made you want to go to Ottawa or on a fun trip with your girls! Have a great week everyone, more posts coming soon!
xoxo Laura

Not all photos are mine.  Big thanks to Laura, Sam, Brittany, and Rachel for taking so many great photos!

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