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January B.I.F.I. Products Review and New Products for February!

Hello everyone!

It's February 1st! That means it's time to do a little review of my January Bought It, Forgot It products, and then jump right into the products I have picked out for February! Hope you enjoy!

Big shout out to itsbl0ndie on YouTube for coming up with this idea!

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation
I have actually thoroughly enjoyed using this foundation! It's similar to my Rimmel Wake Me Up in coverage and consistency, just without the shimmer which is better on some days.  I actually haven't felt the need to use a different foundation at all this month, I've really loved using this.  The colour is a bit off, but I did buy it when I was more tanned, so to counteract this I use a duo fibre stippling brush to apply and only use a little, and then use a lighter powder to make it match my skin.  I highly recommend this product to you all!

Wet n Wild Lipstick in 547B Breeze
This product has annoyed me.  I barely used it, even with it sitting out.  It doesn't look good on is the biggest issue I have with it, and it also doesn't go with many makeup looks.  It's a rose gold/copper shade (kind of in between) and it is VERY shimmery and I just don't really like that, nor do I find it wearable.  I really love the Wet n Wild lipsticks, it's just this shade was a bad purchase.  That being said, some people may love this shade, I don't know.  I won't be throwing this out, but I know it's just going to go back onto the shelf to be hardly touched.

Annabelle Palette
This was a product I actually really didn't like, and not just the colours.  The purples are really candy-like, too much so for me.  I did use them and they're nice enough, but very powdery.  They don't blend very well and aren't very pigmented.  I did like the nude for a highlight on my brow, and the darker purply-brown actually wasn't too bad.  I used it in the crease over my Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Bad To The Bronze and it looked really nice.  The two purples were just a complete miss for me.  I will try to use the shades more, but I will definitely not be repurchasing.  I will keep the palette itself though, because I know MAC shadows will fit in it.

Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara
This was actually a complete hit for me! I really liked the job it did on my lashes.  It did take a bit of work, but it lengthened really well and made my eyes look bigger and brighter.  It's more of an everyday mascara, not necessarily something you would want to use for a big, bold statement lash.  I don't think it is the best waterproof formula out there, as it did smudge quite a bit.  However, when it runs out and I've used some of my other mascaras, I will definitely repurchase in the non-waterproof formula.  I found out during the month that wearing waterproof mascara every day isn't good for your lashes! Apparently it dries them out.  So I won't repurchase waterproof if I have no need for it, but I will buy the regular formula for sure!

Products for February
February's products are ones I have forgotten about but are so very close to being done! I would like to use up some of my stash for February.

First up is this Physician's Formula Mineral powder.  I used to be obsessed with this, but upon discovering the Maybelline Dream Matte Powder it fell by the wayside.  I also found it smashed too easily to be of much use, it definitely wasn't something I could just toss in my handbag.  As you can see, there is only a tiny bit of this left, and it should be gone by the end of the month!  Hopefully it is as nice as I remember it to be.

Now, this is not my favourite product which most of you who have read for awhile will know, but I want to just use this up and get rid of it!  It's the Maybelline Dream Bouncy blush.  It's an okay shade for my winter skin tone (the camera captured it perfectly by the way), so I just want to use this and get rid of it!  I have barely used this since I bought it and it's tucked in the very back of my makeup organizer so I'm hoping to pull it out and give it some use.

This isn't a product I want to use up per se, just use more.  It's the Hard Candy Green With Envy palette.  I love these colours and I really should incorporate them into my makeup looks more.  As I swatched, I realized that the formulation is pretty chalky, but it does blend really well.  So we'll see how that goes.

My final product this month is my Lancome Hypnose mascara, the little trial size.  I can't remember when I got this, but I do know it needs to get more use.  I can't even remember the last time I used it! And I love the product, I just got distracted by other mascaras.  So I'm going to show this more love in February, and hopefully use it up!

Alright, that's my BIFI for this month.  Leave a comment down below with one product you want to use up! Bye!
xoxo Laura

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