Wednesday, 1 January 2014

What I Got for Christmas (2013)

Hello everyone! I can't believe it's 2013 already!

I have seen tons of "What I Got for Christmas" videos and posts floating around the internet since the 25th and since I love watching/reading that kind of thing, I thought I would do one myself.  I know I'm a little late to the party on this one, but I really hope you all like it!

Disclaimer: I am not trying to brag in any way! I just thought I would share because I like this sort of thing myself.

First up, I got tons of new clothes! I love clothes, remember being a kid and thinking clothes were the worst gift ever? Not me! My mom, Aunt, and my Nana all had amazing taste so clothes for Christmas were sometimes the best part of the holiday!  This year my mom got some HUGE deals on Black Friday and I picked out the above sweaters.  I do pick out my clothes now, just to make sure it fits, but I usually forget so it's still a surprise!  I also got pajamas from my Grandma, which is a bit of a tradition.  If not for another present (more later!) clothes would have 100% been the most exciting part of Christmas! (Also, there's a cheeky little apron in this picture too.  My mom knows I love to cook!)

Also from my Grandma, I got an air popper popcorn maker.  I love these so much, and microwave popcorn is so bad for you (so much fat and chemicals!)  This is so much better, and I really wanted one.  I'm so lucky she found one, they're difficult to find!

My Aunt (my mom's sister) got me a gift card to an independent clothing store we all love near my house with the promise that we all go shopping together, which makes it so much more special.  She and my mom both got ones too.  For privacy reasons I am not putting a picture of it here, sorry!

However, she also gave me another present, a necklace she bought on her trip to New Zealand.  My mom and I both got ones.  I won't tell you why, because it's sad and I'm afraid to bore/depress you, but these are very sentimental and a fair few tears were shed over this gift.  I love it, I wear it every day.

My papa's gift this year was amazing, especially since Christmas was such a horrendously difficult time for him this year (and us, but worse for him).  I got a LUSH gift set from him.  I can't remember what it was called, and it isn't on the website anymore, but it contains the Snowfairy bubble wand, Father Christmas bath bomb, Snowman bath bomb, Penguin bubble bar, Bombardino bath bomb and the Melting Snowman bath melt.  I apologize if I screwed up the names, I can't find my little leaflet that came with it!  My papa also gave me money which I used to purchase new music as it has been ages (probably since last Christmas honestly). So currently I am listing to Ellie Goulding's Halcyon Days Deluxe Edition (it's amazing, go buy it).

A tradition in my family is to receive an ornament every year from either my mom or my grandma.  This year my dad picked out this little fluffy white owl, which I have perched in the top branches of my Christmas tree so he can watch us all.  I also got an angel ornament from my mom in my stocking. Along with that is the stack of books I received this year (and a season of Mad Men, best show ever!)  I usually get more but my next present will show you why it is smaller this year (although there is still a sizable amount of literature there!) I love to read, one year I opened a 1.5 cubic foot book to find it PACKED with books and my parents could barely convince me to open the rest of my gifts! (That was a great year.)

Let's end the suspense! My final (and BEST) gift this year was...

A Nikon D3100 DSLR Camera! I had asked for a new camera as mine broke a few years ago, but I was SHOCKED when I opened this.  It is utterly amazing and more than I could have ever hoped for.  Hopefully this will help me improve my blog, especially the pictures on it!  My Uncle (dad's brother) and his family gave me a Roots camera bag for this as I tend to be accident prone and I would sob if anything happened to my baby (yes, my camera is my baby now, it replaced my cat). I get so excited even typing about my camera, I can barely even think of the words to say how happy I am!

So that was my AMAZING Christmas, how was yours? Leave a comment below telling me what you got, or what funny things happened to you, or even what you had for dinner! I love to hear from you!

Sorry that this didn't make it up last night, I'll be doing a bonus post tomorrow to make up for it so stick around for that!
xoxo Laura

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