Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Warm Fuzzies #2

Hey everyone! Time for the second installment of my Warm Fuzzies series!

Okay, you'll need to bear with me on this one, because it's not something that is conventionally happy.  it's Taylor Swift's performance of All Too Well at the Grammy Awards.

Here's why this makes me happy.  First of all, it made me cry.  Any type of art that makes you feel something is automatically doing its job, but to move you to tears is a whole other level.  This was raw, pure, and flat out amazing.  There was no pretension to this like with some of Taylor's other performances, it was just her, a piano, and her amazing voice.  Stripped of all the trappings, her time on stage affected me more than any other show I have seen her do.

I love music, it is the closest I come to a hobby.  I have played for most of my life and it is the one thing I know very well. So I can appreciate what happened on that stage.  It was the closest thing to magic that can happen on this earth.

And that made me happy.  And awed.  And emotional.

Here is the video,please go watch it.  It's just amazing.  Watch to the end, please.

Until next time, xoxo Laura

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  1. Good choice for the second Warm Fuzzies :) What's even better about this performance: All To Well isn't even a single. She picked this song to perform because the fans wanted her too <3