Tuesday, 7 January 2014

First Impression: derma e Soothing Moisturizing Creme

Hello all, I thought I would bring you something a little bit different today!

When it comes to my skin-care routine, I am lazy.  I admit it.  But I really do make sure I always moisturize my skin.  As you may remember from previous posts, I used to use the Weleda Iris Hydrating Lotion, but when I went to repurchase it my trusted store didn't stock it anymore!  Thankfully, the people who work there are amazing and recommended a few alternatives to try out instead.

I ended up picking out the derma e Soothing Moisturizing Creme, something I had never heard of before, but the employee insisted that it is an amazing brand.  It was $27.99 for 56 grams of product, which is about mid-range for what I have paid for moisturizers.  So, without further ado, lets get on to the first impression.

Claim (from the leaflet/packaging)
Derma e says that all of its products are free of parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfates, petrolatum, mineral oil, and artificial colours, as well as being 100% vegan.  While the vegan part doesn't sway me, I do love that it is free of these chemicals that are awful for your body and well-being.  I read There's Lead in Your Lipstick and haven't been the same since.  The brand also donates to various organizations, and does not test on animals.  Derma e has won multiple awards for its products and aims to lessen its impact on the environment by using non-GMO imgredients, organic when possible, and operates using 100% wind energy (which is super cool!)

For this specific product, the packaging says, "helps smooth for visibly vibrant, firmer, younger looking skin." It contains, "Phycnogenol [which is] a super antioxidant that is 50 times more powerful than Viatmin E, and helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles." It also claims to be, "Excellent for use by those with sensitive or dry to normal skin."

Of that, I really only relate to the dry and sensitive skin part, although I do have some fine lines (most people call those smile lines though, which I like the sound of much better!)

I quite like the packaging for this product.  It comes in a heavy glass container and feels really sturdy and luxurious.  The label is nothing special, and I don't like that it covers the entire bottle.  I'm also not a fan of the lid, mostly because I tend to break plastic lids.  I feel like with a glass bottle a plastic lid makes it feel a little less expensive and luxurious, but that might just be me!

The product itself is a beige-y pink colour, which isn't off-putting for me, but I am used to white moisturizers, so it's different (nothing wrong with different!)  It does not tint your skin though, I tested some on the back of my hand before using it on my face.  There is a very subtle smell to it, nothing too strong, and I wouldn't say it is unpleasant. It almost smells like products that claim to be unscented (if that makes sense).

Altogether, I am impressed before first application.

I applied this onto cleansed and dried skin.

I did add too much at first, you only need about a dime-sized amount for your entire face, which is good because it means it will last for a long time and is more bang for your buck.  As I was applying, I was worried it wasn't going to sink into my skin because at first it just sat on the surface.  However, with very little effort it did sink into my skin.  I didn't leave my skin feeling heavy or greasy, and actually applied to a matte finish rather than leaving me looking shiny.  It also has clearly moisturized my very dry patches, such as the apples of my cheeks and the spot on my forehead between my brows.

Look at me being brave and putting my naked morning face on the internet!
Here is a picture with flash photography (don't make fun of my morning face!)  No shine! Just crappy lighting... And a really awful angle, ugh.

Under Makeup
When I was applying my foundation, I didn't find that it was sitting on top of my face as it usually would when I had applied moisturizer.  If anything, it blended into my skin better than usual.  My face sans powder was no shinier than it would be with only foundation, and I do think that my makeup went onto my face better than with my other moisturizers.

Those are designer bags under my eyes!  On a side note, my concealer gives a horrible white cast in flash photography...
Here is a picture with relatively fresh makeup. (If you want a tutorial for this look let me know! It's one of my favourites!) Sorry for the lighting, there was a storm going on outside so the only place with relatively decent lighting was standing inside of my bathtub by the tiny east-facing window!

As the day progressed, my face was no more oily/shiny than it would be at any other time when I did not have moisturizer underneath my makeup.  I only re-powdered once, which is normal for me with the foundation I used.

Side note: I also wore this when I was working out.  I took off my makeup and used this so I wouldn't get too dry.  You know how when you sweat with moisturizer on it makes your skin really oily, or your face feels like it has a film on it? I didn't get that feeling at all, it was like there was nothing on my face but my skin.

Final Thoughts
I think this is going to be a really great moisturizer for day-to-day use.  I love that it sinks into the skin so beautifully and is so nice underneath makeup.  My skin felt really nice and soft after application, but without the greasiness or oily sheen.  The price was pretty good too, much less than what I had paid before and for a product that I think is going to work better for me. Hopefully this will fix up my dry skin for the rest of the winter!

I hope you liked my first First Impression post.  Let me know if you want to see a tutorial for the makeup look above, and leave a comment telling me what you thought! Would you like to see more First Impressions in the future?
xoxo Laura

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