Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Bought It, Forgot It- January

Surprise!  I have a new feature!

Inspired by Casey Holmes from itsbl0ndie over on YouTube, I have started my own little Bought It, Forgot It series.  The premise is that each month I pick products out of my stash that I have bought and forgot about so I'm not using, and try to incorporate them into my makeup routine.  At the end of the month, I will give you a little update on how I feel about the products and whether I kept my promise and actually used them

This month I have 4 products I want to use:

First is this Revlon Nearly Naked foundation in 150 Nude.  I am hoping it matches my winter skin colour, because I bought this in early fall when I still had my slight summer tan.  This came in a package with the Nearly Naked pressed powder in 020 Light, but this month I want to focus on just using the foundation.

Next up is this 4-eyeshadow palette by Annabelle.  I bought this back in my VERY early makeup days, when someone (teen magazines, I blame you) had told me that because I had brown eyes I should wear purple eyeshadow.  And ONLY purple eyeshadow.  Now I have this palette, which looks almost untouched, and it just sits in my makeup organizer collecting dust.  Back when they still sold these (I don't think they do anymore), you bought the little pans and put them into the palette, effectively creating your own pallette.  Basically,they were trying to copy MAC by doing this.  This month, I am really going to make an effort to use this.

Third is this lipstick by Wet n Wild.  I made a post on this shade and another one when I bought it back in the summer, and I think I might have used it once.  I'm not sure if this colour suits me or not, it's almost a rose gold shade, and very shimmery, but I am determined to try it.  Maybe with a bold eye it would make a nice muted lip?

And finally is the Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof formula in Black.  I bought this for a funeral, hence waterproof, but I haven't worn it since.  I don't remember being too enchanted with the formula if I'm honest.  However, since it's winter and cold and windy, my eyes tear up a lot when I'm outside.  Hopefully if I wear this I won't end up with black smudges under my eyes!

That's the end of this month's Bought It, Forgot It.  Tune back in at the end of the month to see what I thought of these products!
xoxo Laura

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