Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2013: A Year in Laura-Land

Welcome to 2014 everyone, may it be good to you all! This is the second post tonight, the intended third will be posted tomorrow, I was having some problems with pictures!

If this posts according to schedule, it will launch at midnight on January 1st, 2014.  I hope this year is better, 2013 was a very hard year.  Here is a little recap of the year to look back on next years and see how different things were.

Big month was January.  I got my first University acceptances, finished my next-to-last set of high school exams, and pulled an 89% average.  In this month I also broke up with my long-term boyfriend and my grandma underwent surgery for a tumor on her ovary.  This month had a lot of extreme highs and extreme lows as well.

February was a blur of unhappiness and mistakes.  I was very unhappy, depressed, and my anxiety came out in full force.  My grades dropped, and I was so prone to anxiety attacks I stopped going places.  Going to work was even difficult.  My grandma started chemo and later radiation and we were all so worried about her all the time.  It was incredibly stressful.  February was the lowest I have ever felt.

In March I had a week off to regroup and came back into life fighting.  I fought against my anxiety, mostly failing but still trying, and started to pull my grades back up.  This was the month I really fought to be myself again, despite still feeling low.

Similarly to February and March, I remember very little about April.  All three months were a struggle and it wasn't until May that I began to be myself again.

In May the new Fall Out Boy album dropped and I went on a trip to Boston with school, listening to Save Rock and Roll the whole way there and back.  I had an amazing trip and made some amazing friends, growing closer to others.  It is an experience I will always treasure.  The history was amazing in itself, but there was so much more, I can't even begin to describe it all.  This trip truly changed my life <3  In this month I also skipped prom, and don't regret that either!

Rejuvenated from Boston, I pulled up my socks in June and studied my butt off. I finished my final set of high school exams and bid the place farewell, taking away a 92% average to give me a $2000 entrance scholarship from my chosen University, Wilfrid Laurier.  June was a really good month.

July 1st, Canada Day, was a great start to a great month.  I spent that day at the Jay's game with friends (and then-boyfriend) and had an amazing time, even though I'm not a huge baseball fan.  I also went to the beach with my work crew, and did a lot of shifts to pay my tuition!  July was also the birth month of this little blog, and a sense of excitement to get it established. July was filled with sun and fun!  Minus the week I spent drugged up and drooling from getting my wisdom teeth out, haha.

August was a flurry.  I worked as much as possible and gathered up my things to take to University with me.  I remember  packing the first boxes the very first week of the month.  I also attended my very first concert in August, seeing Mumford & Sons with my best friend Emma in Toronto.  They were fantastic! We both got matching shirts and I got addicted to one of their opening bands, The Vaccines.

On September 1st I moved into my new home at Wilfrid Laurier University!  Move-in day was crazy with people cheering and running this way and that.  Saying goodbye to my parents left me feeling more excited than sad, but I did go home the very next weekend!  On the 15th I went and saw Fall Out Boy in Toronto, with Panic At The Disco as their opening band.  Despite the rain, it was an amazing show, and I was TEN FEET AWAY when they sang Grand Theft Autumn (fangirled so hard).

In October I began my job as Floor Rep on my residence House Council.  I also went to my high school commencement and realized how glad I am to be out of that school and that town.  I walked away from the ceremony with a nice scholarship as well, which felt great!  On Halloween I went to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show with a friend, despite a hurricane, and enjoyed it thoroughly.  The rice scattered on my floor the next day was funny as well!

In November my Nana passed away and left a gaping hole in our family.  But we know how much she loved us and that she hasn't truly left us.  November was also her birth month, and not seeing her reach her 84th birthday was devastating.  November was a dark month for not just me but my whole family.

And now December.  It seems like just yesterday... This month I pulled an 9 GPA in my first set of University exams, worked hard, and enjoyed my time back at home.  I worked tons of hours, caught up with friends, gave and received presents, and stuffed myself full of good food! What more could you ask for?  December was a better month, filled with family and love, the only two things I need.

So what will 2014 bring? Who knows! I hope it is happy, filled with love and light, and brings joy to those who bring me joy.  Thank you all for reading my blog, I love and appreciate every single view.  Leave me comments below with your resolutions, high, lows, or things you would like to see me blog about in the New Year, I love to hear from you! Happy New Year everyone!

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