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LUSH Cosmetics- "Happy People Making Happy Soap"

Hello everyone!

I spend a lot of money at LUSH.  It is by far my favourite store in existence and I have tried a good variety of the products and interacted with employees at many different stores.  Thus, I thought it was about time I  did a little talk about the brand and my thoughts on it! (Hint: They're all positive!)
***Pictures courtesy of lush.ca unless otherwise stated.  I own none of them***

Stores and Employees
Courtesy of HERE.
The stores themselves are great.  Of the ones I have been to, they are all clean, well organized, and it is never hard to find products.  I find the stores are fairly small usually, but the space is used effectively.  

I also really like the decor.  It isn't too loud, so the attention is drawn to the product.  The stands are all wooden and fit the store perfectly with their mission to be organic and earth-friendly.  The decor really reflects both the product and the mission of the store itself.  There are also fun little slogans all over the store walls and written on the chalkboards they have! I agree with the one above: when in doubt, have a bath!

There is no way this is coincidental, but LUSH employees are by far the nicest, friendliest people I have ever met who work in retail.  I have never met a single employee who didn't look happy, or was unfriendly in any way.  They always know their products, are always there to answer questions or show you how something works, and they are always excited about the products themselves.  I can't think of a single time I have gone in when someone didn't offer to show me a products, or tell me about what I was looking at, or recommend their favourite products to me.  I love how passionate the employees are, and I wish I had a store close to me that I could work at so I could work in such a fun and happy environment.

This is the part where I go crazy about talking about everything I have ever tried and how much I love it and yadda yadda for a couple thousand words (I'll try to keep the fangirling to a minimum!) But I do have to say before I start that I have not tried everything, but what I have tried I thoroughly liked.  LUSH makes so many products, you would think something in there would have disappointed me, but no.  Never.

I'll include pictures of everything I have ever tried but I will only talk about my ultimate favourites to keep this a little shorter!

Bath Bombs

These are all of the bath bombs I have tried, although I think I might have had a Golden Slumbers at one point too.  My favourite is Space Girl, which is a sweetly-scented blackcurrant bomb in the shape of a UFO.  Cinders, Father Christmas, Golden Wonders, and Snowman are all from the Christmas line and I highly recommend you go out and buy them ASAP before the season is over! I stock up on these ones, I think they're fabulous.  Snowman and Father Christmas are my favourites of the Christmas bombs. Snowman smells like cocoa butter and vanilla, so lovely and luxurious, and Father Christmas smells like citrusy mandarin.  Gimme!

The Twilight bath bomb is also really nice.  It's gigantic too! I find it really nice for those days when you're stressed out, your body aches, and you just know you're going to have trouble falling asleep.  It smells like lavender and is so calming and relaxing that in a warm bath I have been known to fall asleep (oops!).  It also turns your bath water bright fuchsia which is a fun bonus! 

Bubble Bars
Why is A French Kiss so blurry but the other ones are fine?!
I have tried less bubble bars than I have bath bombs, but oddly enough I prefer bubble baths.  My favourite bubble bar of all time is Pop in the Bath.  The little flower cutout on top is so cute, but more importantly this smells amazing! Very citrusy and fresh.The comforter is also really nice, it smells of sweets (I think on the website it says blackcurrant scented) and A French Kiss is perfect for relaxing baths.  I sometimes pair it with the Twilight bath bomb, it's a great combination.

The Christmas Penguin is also amazing.  I love the scent, the website says it smells of orange blossoms.  It definitely smells floral, but I have no idea what actual orange blossoms smell like! LUSH is actually doing a photo contest with this bubble bar, to see my entry check out my Instagram page: Where is Penguin Entry

Soap/Body Wash

These are all of the soap products I have tried (with a sneaky bath melt thrown in there).  I love Sea Vegetable, even though at first I was nervous about the seaweed chunks on the top.  I love the smell,  I love that it gets me clean, and I really love the salt and seaweed that scrubs off dirt and dry skin.  It's great!

Snow Globe is a soap brought out for Christmas time but I adore it! It smells very citrusy, like grapefruit, and gives an amazing clean and awake feeling.  This is great for tired showers in the morning, very invigorating.

I have also had Bohemian soap, which is very lemony, similar enough to Snow Globe that I buy it when it isn't Christmas.  I don't tend to be much of a soap person, I prefer shower gel, but the LUSH soaps are really nice and they give you an amazing clean feeling.  For that reason they are the only types of soap you will ever see me buy

Face and Body

The body lotions from LUSH are amazing.  End of story.  They moisturize SO well and aren't greasy at all.  I actually use Dream Cream, which is lavender scented, on my face as my facial moisturizer, and it doesn't block my pores and does an amazing job of keeping my face hydrated.  However, Creme Anglaise is my all-time favourite lotion, no competition.  Unfortunately, it's being discontinued (so if someone wants to send me a pot I would be very grateful.  Kidding! Kind of...)

The massage bars are also great.  I have used Therapy but my mom has used Each Peach and Two's a Pair and she loves it.  These are a little bit more greasy because they are made of essential oils and butters like shea and cocoa butter, but they are still really nice (especially if someone else is giving you the massage- ooer!)  They sink into the skin and leave it so soft, they are incredible.  Because they melt quite easily, LUSH sells little tins to store them in which is a great idea and a good solution to what could be a very annoying problem!

Also, if you get the chance, pop by for a Fresh Face Mask.  They make them in store and they MUST be refrigerated and used within 2 weeks, but they are amazing.  The Love Lettuce one looks weird and did smell a little strange but when I used it, but it really did make my face look better.  I can't even describe how.  I just looked more glowing and healthier (I should go get a new one of those...)

Any Issues?
As I said, I have never had a product I didn't like, but recently I went to a store and bought a tub of Charity Pot.  In the store when I tested it, I thought it smelled lovely and just grabbed a random tub from the stand without checking it.  When I went to use it that night, I realized it had actually gone rancid.  I have never had this before, and no one I have talked to has had this happen, but since LUSH is all about fresh and natural ingredients I guess it's bound to happen occasionally!  Anyways, because I don't live near the store I couldn't go return it but I did tweet about it and the company replied!

As you can see, they obviously care a lot about the customer and their experience with the product.  Honestly, I won't be bringing it back, because it's Charity Pot.  The money I spent 100% goes to grassroots charities and because of that I will not be returning/exchanging.  I will just repurchase another time.  I would hate for those charities to be losing money.

Anything else to say?
Yes: can I work there? Honestly, I love LUSH so much.  If I can't find a job after I finish university I am applying to work in their Toronto factory.  I love the brand, I love the products, and I love the people. It doesn't even look like a business, it looks like a community.  LUSH was featured on undercover boss (HERE is a link to go watch the episode) and I watched to see if the "Happy People Making Happy Soap" catchphrase was really true.  It is.  The people are really passionate about what they do and it's easy to see that they truly love their jobs and the company they work for.  And I think that is important in a brand.  Plus they use fair trade, organic ingredients, safe synthetics, and don't test on our cute little animal friends, and everything is handmade with love and smiles.  It doesn't get any better than that!

Because of this, I know I will be purchasing LUSH products for years to come.  You really get your money's worth, and the products make you feel amazing.  What I really want to try is the new LUSH spas.  I think this is a great idea and a very logical next step.  Hopefully it works out for them, all I want is to see this brand do well in the future.

(***I also found out in writing this post and doing a little bit of research on the LUSH website that the company has been voted one of the 50 best employers in Canada in 2013.  Congrats LUSH, you deserve it!)***

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