Tuesday, 19 November 2013

My First MAC!

Hey guys!

So I am very excited! I went to MAC for the first time the other day! As a beauty blogger this is going to be a shocker to you all, and now that I have gone, I feel enlightened, let me tell you.

The whole experience was really good.  I didn't go to a big store, I went to one of the booths in The Bay where I got to school, but there was so much there.  One of the employees said they carry the majority of MAC products, there are only about ten eyeshadows they don't carry for example.

So the selection was huge.  For the first bit I just looked around, and I had two or three employees ask me if I wanted help and if I was doing okay.  I thanked them and said no to needing help, but after about fifteen minutes of being overwhelmed, I finally asked an employee for assistance.

The employee was so helpful! I told her I was looking for two shades to wear together, and that I tend to go for light eye makeup and she helped me pick out a shade to go with the one colour I had already picked out.  What I really loved was that she didn't make me faff around, or try to get me to buy more than I wanted to.  She was professional, knowledgeable, and above all POLITE!

Now, on to the goodies!

You can kind of see the colours in this light, aren't they pretty?
I bought two eyeshadows, and both were colours I had on my list.

Left: Sumptuous Olive. Right: All That Glitters. 
The first is one I bought is Sumptuous Olive and the Second is All The Glitters.  These are fantastic, I love them! The pigmentation is great, they are so smooth, and they last all day.  I have semi-oily eyelids, and it barely even creases!  And just like the employee said, they go great together.  I've been wearing All That Glitters all over the lid, with Sumptuous Olive blended into the crease and outer corner.

All in all, I give my first MAC experience and purchase a 10/10.  I know these are pricey products, but they were worth the splurge, and if I ever go to a big store I'll be buying a pallette and the refill pans.  I can tell this is going to turn into my new makeup addiction! I have a list of things I want actually...

How about you? Have any of you gone to MAC or bought their stuff? What do you think and what are your favourite products?

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