Wednesday, 2 October 2013

La Senza Haul

This is far from my usual haul but, that being said, it was far from my usual shopping trip. A few of my bras had reached the end of their wearable lives and so it was past time to replace them.

La Senza was having a huge sale, buy one bra get one half off.  Seeing as I needed a few I thought this was a great deal to take advantage of with my limited budget.

This first bra was super cheap.  It's simple white with lace overlay and is amazing to wear.  It's super comfortable and looks nice under clothes (no weird bumps).

This second bra was a little bit more expensive but hardly budget breaking.  It comes down further than any other bra I've owned and prevents those weird bra rolls I tend to get (it isn't a weight thing, it's a bra thing).  It won't suit most t-shirts but it is amazing in fit regardless.

And finally, there was a 7 for $28 sale on underwear so I picked the least string-like ones and bought a few.

I had never shopped at La Senza before and I can guarantee that I will start to.  It isn't too expensive, I love how they label drawers with the sizes which makes it so easy to find your size, and I think what they are selling is of good quality.

What are your favourite new stores that you've discovered? xoxo Laura

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