Thursday, 26 September 2013

Beauty on a Budget and a Mini Review

Being in university, I fit the stereotype of the poor student who lives off of Ramen noodles (kinda).  But I am also a beauty obsessed teenager! It's so hard! All I want to do is buy new makeup and test the products for you guys!  So today I went and had a little splurge- but at a fraction of the price.

There are always ways to get around having to pay a lot of money for products.  The first (and most obvious) way is to shop sales.  I was able to get a Maybelline BabyLips for $3.99, as opposed to the usual $5.99, and I already love it.  I bought number 30 Peach Kiss and there are so many things to love! The scent is fabulous, the texture is perfectly creamy and the tint is perfect.  I can't say I've noticed a big difference in my lips yet but I can already tell it is going to work wonders for my horribly chapped lips.

The next little tip I have for you is shop to your advantage.  By that I mean use your student discount whenever possible.  I was at Shopper's DrugMart and because I live in a university town, every Thursday students get 20% off all regular-priced products store-wide. Thus, the concealer I bought (the only product I actually needed to buy and the reason I was in the store in the first place) was $4.39 instead of $5.49.  Another place I get a discount as a student is at grocery stores.  We have Zehrs Mondays, Valu-Mart Tuesdays and Sobeys Wednesdays.  So take advantage of those places, you can save a ton of money, if not immediately then over time.

Third and final tip for all of you, buy off of the clearance racks.  While this is similar to shopping sales, it varies in one important way.  Most of the things on clearance racks are discontinued.  These stands can be found at the end of most cosmetic aisles and I have found some amazing deals on them.  This time I got the GOSH Mineral Touch Foundation, and a Revlon Nearly Naked package which included a foundation and a pressed powder.  I did have to do a little guessing with the colour but when I got home and checked it all seemed to match up.  And because these were discontinued, they were only $4.99 each.  I know for a fact that GOSH foundations are four times that price (or more) so I was quite pleased with it.  And I'm not too fussy with my foundations, so it doesn't bother me that I can't buy it again when I run out.

So there are a few little tips for shopping on a budget.  Remember, these tips aren't exclusive to beauty, they can apply to clothes and food and just about anything you ever need.  And they can be combined to help you save even more.  And as a poor university student, I appreciate anything that saves me money to buy real food every once in awhile.

Do any of you have any tips and tricks for saving money? Comment and let me know! <3

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