Thursday, 1 August 2013

July Haul

Here's a little peek at all the things I bought this July! (Or what I remember buying this July).

So I went on a bit of a spree at Ardenes this month and bought a few things.  I love that they have those 3 items for $15 all year round, it makes it a great place to find cheap, seasonal stuff on the fly.

This time I bought a hat.
I love hats and they really suit me.  This one is a really light straw fedora with a leopard print ribbon around the top of the brim.  Its super cute with dresses and skirts!

I also bought two pairs of sunglasses at Ardenes, because somehow I managed to lose the three pairs I bought two summers ago.
Sunglasses are much different than hats.  I look terrible in sunglasses! It took nearly twenty minutes just to find these two pairs.  But they're both super cute.  The top ones are oversized and brown with a big fake jewel on the side of each arm.  The ones below are more like Ray-Bans and have polka dots on the outside of the arms but a super cute floral on the inside.

Total spent at Ardene's: $15

Next up is Walmart.  I know it sounds crazy, but I love Walmart.  You can find tons of stuff there and a lot of the time it's discounted.  The first things I bought were these nail polishes.
 I've really been trying to wear more nail polish this summer, especially since my nails have gotten a lot nicer and stronger lately.  I bought two different types of polish, but both are by the same brand, Sally Hansen.  I love Sally Hansen polishes, I just want to put that on record.

The first polish on the left is in shade Mint Sorbet from the Xtreme Wear line.  It's very similar to Mint Candy Apple from Essie but at a much nicer price.  I also bought shade White On from the same line (on the right).

The one in the center is from the Insta-Dry line and it's in the shade Slick Slate.  It's a very nice grey colour.  And as promised, it dries extremely quickly.

Next up is my Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation.  I actually bought this really early on in the month after watching Tanya Burr recommend it a few hundred times

This foundation has quickly become one of my favourites.  It goes on so well, and has amazing coverage.  The colour matches my skin exactly, no orange-y-ness or weird lines where the foundation stops.  And it smells amazing! Usually I find foundation stinks, but this actually smells really good! And its lasts for a really long time, all day if you aren't too sweaty and active.

And finally, I bought a pair of shoes. I had been eyeing these shoes for months, they are so adorable and I had the perfect dresses and skirts to pair them with.  So as soon as I got the money, I went out and bought them.

They weren't too expensive which is good because they do have limited use.  They're pretty comfortable because the heel isn't too high, and they can be tied up nice and tight.  The only thing I don't like is that I can't wear socks with them (ick).  Also, according to the friend who was with me when I bought them, they make my ankles look good.

Total spent at Walmart: $45

Next up is some clothing.  I really didn't buy too many clothes this month.  What I did buy was a little on the pricier side though.

First up is a dress.  I bought this dress from a privately owned stored where I live.  The woman who owns it is a lovely woman, who also happens to be the mother of my brother's best friend.  I bought this dress for my commencement ceremony  in October and I got it for half off the original price because it was an extra small and wasn't selling, plus it was the very last one in the store.
I love this dress SO MUCH! It's form-fitting without being too tight (it's far from slutty, let's put it that way) and it actually flatters instead of showing every icky bump.  I love the coral colour, it really pops, and the black lace just adds a bit of interest.  I think my favourite part is how much it looks like a dress someone on Madmen would wear!

The second thing I bought is a Guess jacket.

It's a black lace bomber jacket and is so cute but edgy at the same time.  I know I am going to get a ton of wear out of this, which is how I justified the price, because it can go with nearly everything I have in my closet (score!).

Total spent: $100 (my mom bought the dress for me...)

My mom and I also went on a trip to Lush recently and I was really good, I made a list and a budget and stuck to it.
I bought two things for myself.  The first is the Space Girl bath bomb (top) which smells like blackcurrants and is almost delicious enough to eat. I can't wait to try it!  Currently I can't bring myself to use it because it is making my room smell so nice...

At the bottom there is a Pop in the Bath bubble bar.  I buy one of these every time I go to Lush, it is far and away my favourite bubble bar and it smells SO GOOD!

My mom bought a Love Lettuce face mask for the two of us to share as well, and so far I am  loving it.  It exfoliates without being too harsh and leaves my skin super soft.  It does smell a little strange though...

Total spent at Lush: $15

I also bought a few lipsticks this month, but I'll only talk about the two I remember buying.  I can't remember where I got them but they're really nice.
Let's focus on the two tubes on the bottom.  The one on the right is Covergirl in shade 405 fairytale.  I'm not the biggest fan of it, I don't like how it goes on.  But the colour evens out nicely with a slick of gloss over top, which redeems it somewhat.

The second one is Maybelline in shade 410 Blissful Berry and I adore it! The dark purple is really different but still looks amazing and it goes on really well and stays on as well.  I've had the same type before in a different colour and I always am pleased with it.

Now, the lipglosses at the top were a gift to me from my boyfriend, Robbie.  He went away to Boston and brought me back a few things from Bath & Body Works. These are the Mentha Lip Tints in Plum Mint and Magenta Mint, and the Mentha Shimmer Tint in Pearl Mint.  These are great layered over lipstick or on their own.  The peppermint oil tingles and makes your lips a little plumper and a lot more hydrated.  All in all, I think he did very well for a guy (his sister must have helped).

He also got me a really nice candle in the Watermelon Lemonade scent.  It is currently burning because it smells so mouthwatering.  It's awesome and very summery.

And my final haul item for July are these adorable bobby pins my Nana bought me from the same store I got my dress and jacket at.  I just think these are really cute and great for pinning back the short bit at the front of my hair.

That's the end of my July haul post.  I hope you guys liked it! Feel free to recommend products for me to try in August in the comment section!

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