Thursday, 8 August 2013

Fashion Pick: Silver Brand Jeans

I’m not much of a brand girl. I buy what fits and what looks nice. But sometimes a brand does grab my attention and I’m hooked.
My go-to clothing staple has always been jeans. I love jeans. I live in mine, and as much as I have been trying to wear more skirts lately, my jeans will never be replaced.
Here’s my issue. I while I’m not overweight, I’m also not super skinny. I have a butt. My thighs touch. And in the wrong cut of pant, I have the ever-dreaded muffin top.
Thankfully, Silver jeans exists. I have been wearing this brand for at least five years and won’t buy anything else for my plain denims. I only stray from the Silver path for my coloured jeans because I know I won’t wear them often enough to justify paying the money.
Silver has a great cut for anyone and a ton of variety. I prefer dark denim, skinny legged, with a medium rise to smooth out my belly. And I swear, wearing them makes my hips look smaller, and my butt look great. They completely flatter my figure. These jeans are actually magic.
In case my word isn’t enough, my aunt and my mom both wear Silvers and love them. In fact my first pair of SIlvers was a pair of hand-me-downs from my aunt! The brand is super versatile so there is a pair for any body, any taste, and any age. I guarantee if you go looking for a pair you will find something you love.
These jeans run at about $80- $100 a pair which is mid-range in price (for decent denim at least) and are worth every penny. They don’t stretch or shrink, they fade very little, and take a good beating. They very seldom wear out. I’ve had one pair for four years and they still look brand new. And even better, these jeans are more comfortable than a pair of sweatpants.
I HIGHLY recommend that the next time you need jeans, you buy a pair of Silvers. They will change your life and make you love denim again.

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