Friday, 16 August 2013

"Do unto others as you would have others do unto you"

Little bit different post for you all tonight.  I'd say I'm sorry but this is something I feel the need to say.

As I have mentioned, I work in the fast food industry.  Due to the social media policy, I cannot say where, but you have all probably eaten there (unless you're afraid of clowns...)

So I was working tonight and everyone who came in was really grumpy.  Adults were being rude, kids were being brats, and the occassional parent was screaming at/getting phsyical with their child (which really grinds my gears, I must say).

But all was semi-bearable until about five minutes before the end of my shift, when a middle-aged couple came in.

Clearly the husband was whipped because I don't think he opened his mouth once, not even to order.  But the wife opened her mouth enough for the two of them, as well as the entire line up behind her.

She was terrible.  Rude doesn't even cut it.  She was basically bullying my poor manager and my co-worker, to the point where I was seeing red and couldn't even bring myself to hold back the eyerolls or snide, under-my-breath comments/

A few things happened, but I missed some of it as I had to remove myself from the immediate vicinity before I ended up fired.

The first was her wait time.  While I admit, it wasn't up to lightning-fast standards, she had been in a line and there was a line behind her.  There was limited staff and we were dashing around at warp speed trying to get everyone done.  But in the spam of her 3 minute wait, she complained at least once every 30 seconds about how long it was taking.

You know what? 3 minutes is a hell of a lot shorter than if you had cooked it yourself.

The second thing that happened was so stupid.  She came up to the counter and very rudely announced that there was no salt in the condiment table in the lobby.  Because she had about ten packets in her hand, we didn't realize it was urgent that we get her more.  So she went off at my manager about why she hadn't found the time while serving the huge lineup to fill the salt.

Next, she bitched about her drink.  Now, our drink fountain has been on the fritz and the root beer has been foaming a lot, which my co-worker, who had just started, hadn't been informed of.  So when she sucked up some of her pop, she realized it was only about half full.  Instead of being nice about it, she practically threw it in my managers face and yelled at her for a) an honest mistake and b) something she didn't do.

Part of working in the place I do is that people treat you poorly.  I am frequently treated like a five year old who has no brain, when in actuality I was an honours student with a 92 average in highschool who is working this job to finance my university education.

However, my occupation, or anyone else's does not mean you can treat them poorly.  My poor manager had spent a good portion of the afternoon filling out reports because she had needed to call an ambulance for a customer who was ill.  She was very stressed and did not need to be treated like dirt.

I guess what I'm trying to say with this post is that you should always treat people how you would like to be treated.  Never assume that since someone works at McDonald's or Tim Hortons or Diary Queen that means they are an idiot.

You never know someone's story.  I don't know if that customer had been having a bad day, so maybe I shouldn't use her as my example.  But I think that any abuse to a person who is working any sort of job, especially one as shitty as serving people fast food all day, is completely bogus and shoudn't be tolerated.

What do you guys think? Does anyone else get treated like this at their job? Please let me know I'm not alone <3

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