Thursday, 22 August 2013

25 Facts About Me!

Hey everyone, so I've posted a few times and I think its about time you knew a little bit more about myself.

So, my name is Laura (1) and I live in Canada (2).  I am heading off to university in September (3) and CAN NOT wait, I am so excited (4)!  I have a younger brother (5) and a cat (6).

I love shopping (7) but it wasn't until very recently that I learned how to shop properly (8), and by that I mean quality over quantity and to buy what flatters my body, not necessarily what is trendy.  My favourite stores for clothing tend to be little independently owned shops (9) but I also like H&M, Garage, and anywhere with quality products (10).  My favourite piece of clothing that I own is my Silver jeans (11) and my university sweater (12).  I rarely wear dresses or skirts (13) but I'm trying to incorporate them into my wardrobe more.

I have a huge weakness for lipstick (14).  I would spend all of my money on lipstick if I could.  My current favourite shade is Crystal Mauve by Rimmel (15) BUT I CAN NEVER FIND IT ANYMORE! Sad face.  I have gotten a lot more adventurous with my lip colours in the last month (16) and have bought tons of darks and brights instead of sticking to my usual nudes.

I have recently got more into wearing nail polish as well (17).  Because of my job I used to not wear too much but now they have lifted the no polish rule so I can (18).  My favourite nail colour at the moment is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in shade Mint Sorbet (19) which looks a lot like Mint Candy Apple from Essie.  I used to wear a lot of bright reds and pinks on my nails (20) but now I wear more pastels because they look nice with my summer-tanned hands (21).

What else... I am really shy and socially awkward (22).  I also struggle with a lot of self-doubt and hatred (23).  I look up to YouTubers like Tanya Burr and Zoe because they are such strong people (24).

And finally: I love each and every person who comes to this blog and takes a look at what I have to say <3 (25).

[This was supposed to be 50 facts but I found even 25 quite difficult, thus it is shorter!]

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