Monday, 29 July 2013

Coconut Oil Hair treatment- Test and Tutorial

So the other day I tried a coconut oil treatment on my hair and I thought I would share my experience with you because I know a lot of people have been raving about how wonderful coconut oil is and how amazing the hair treatment works.
I used this oil below for my treatment.  This is a solid oil, but you can buy it in liquid form as well, and I melted it before putting it in my hair.  That took about thirty seconds in the microwave, but heat it in five second increments to prevent burning yourself.  I used a basting brush to put it through my hair, and I think it would have been much less messy to just scoop it out as a solid and run it through, as it has a really low melting point so it would have worked just as well. (And yes, I realize it says Ideal For Cooking on the label.)
I have really thick and frizzy hair with quite a bit of damage, so I left it on for two hours (too long) and covered it with a plastic shower cap and a towel. This did help to trap some heat and open up the hair follicle, so I did like that.
Here’s a tip: When you are doing this treatment, do it when you have 48 hours where you don’t have to leave your house.  I let mine sit then hopped in the shower and shampooed twice and my hair was still disgusting.  It took another shower to fix it.  But don’t over shampoo, wait for at least 12 hours so you don’t strip away all of the oils that naturally occur on your scalp because that reverses what you’ve just tried to achieve with the coconut oil.
I also recommend laying down a towel on your bathroom floor when applying the oil, especially in liquid form, and either wearing a shirt you don’t care about or not wearing one at all.  This was a very messy endeavor.
In the end, I'm not super impressed with the results and thought it was messy and annoying.  I didn't even notice a huge difference in my hair afterwords.
Verdict: 5 stars/10

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